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Why our memories actually lie

Why our memories actually lie

You probably noticed that sometimes you remember something others do not remember at least once in your life or vice versa.
The History of Neural Networks: Three Neuro revolutions

The History of Neural Networks: Three Neuro revolutions

Did you know that the principle of neural networks was already formulated over the last century?
Crypto market news: America fights exchanges and scammers, El Salvador refuses to return dollars, bitcoin rears its head, and hackers steal crypto again from "bridge" services

Crypto market news: America fights exchanges and scammers, El Salvador refuses to return dollars, bitcoin rears its head, and hackers steal crypto again from "bridge" services

Every week we gather the most important news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  After all, whoever owns the information owns the market!  So, in this newsletter, we will tell you about cryptocurrency investigations by US regulators, another change in bitcoin value and crypto and NFT fraud.
Xenobots: living robots that can build and heal

Xenobots: living robots that can build and heal

How often do you see robots in science fiction films made from iron, aluminum, or a fictional metal like adamantium...? However, what about robots made from living organisms?
How to assemble a cool computer without going broke

How to assemble a cool computer without going broke

There is an opinion that we are paying too much for a manufactured computer — by 20% or even more. Actually, it is all down to advertising costs, included in the price of a computer.

Cybersecurity 3.0: how to protect yourself and your data

This year, the hacker group Anonymous declared a cyberwar on Russia. Recently, the hackers vowed to hack the Russian accounts of Burger King if the company continued to work in Russia.

The 9 most unusual planets in the Universe

How many fantastic films are devoted to aliens, intergalactic travel, and other planets? As children, many of us watched them with fascination.

7 of the most intelligent animals, which might surprise you!

Despite scientific and technological advances, scientists still do not know how many of our living creature’s brains work or how to measure their level of intelligence reliably.

6 of the most fascinating discoveries about the human brain

Despite the advances in science and the giant leap it has made over the past thirty years, the brain is still one of the most mysterious organs in the human body.

Video Games in Medicine. From RPGs for Cancer to VR for PTSD

According to statistics, about 85% of American children between the ages of 2 and 17 regularly play computer games.

Has the era of meta universes arrived?

In the 20th century, people dreamt that they would colonize other planets and travel across different universes in a hundred years. But what do we see today?

What is telemedicine, and does it work?

Telemedicine is remote medicine. To the familiar word "medicine," we add the Greek "tele," which translates as "away" or "far away."

The 6 wonders revealed by Apple's spring presentation in 2022

On March 8, Apple held its first spring presentation online. As always, the company revealed to the loyal users several new products, curious changes and technologies that are to be built into the line-up of devices soon.

Green energy: why switch to biofuels?

Oil and gas energy is harmful to the environment. But what are the alternatives?

Is life possible on the Moon?

How much do we know about our satellite?

10 start-ups that are soaring

A selection of epic success stories, from space to social media.

Top 10 start-up failures

Management mistakes, bad advertising, misunderstanding of consumer needs, etc… Today we have a march-past of projects that could unlock their potential, but ultimately failed.

Smart contracts: exactly what they are, and why they are essential

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, there is an increasing amount of discussion about smart contracts. In this article, we will describe in simple terms what they are, why they are essential, and how they work.

How to turn cryptocurrency into actual cash

It's most common that cryptocurrencies are used to preserve value. But any investment is characterised by the moment of profit fixation. This is exactly what this article is all about. There are several ways to exchange virtual money.

The most high-profile cryptocurrency crimes in cryptocurrency history

Bloomberg has reported that in 2021, the Cajee brothers, the founders of South Africa-based investment platform "Africrypt," stole $3.6 billion in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the official means of payment. How is it possible, and what are the consequences?

In El Salvador, a small country in Central America, Bitcoin has been recognised as an official tender.

The top ten gadgets and technology inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic

We have collected the ten of the best and most interesting and unusual technologies and devices for you, the creators of which had tried to ease the harsh “quarantine” of everyday life, defeat Coronavirus, or help the world to clean up its consequences.

Crypto purchases that made history

Most people have learned about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only recently and at first were wary of them, as if they were a pyramid scheme. But due to the rapid spread of information about blockchain...

Wrong ideas about cryptocurrency

At the moment, the world had seen as much as more than 2000 different issued crypto assets. As the attention to the many cryptocurrencies rises, also increase in the numbers of misconceptions which surrounds the top coins and other projects. No doubt, the principal known issues with this should be discussed.