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Cryptocurrency is a buzz word, but it is very difficult to grasp because of a great number of nuances, opinions and omissions. In many people's minds, it is a synonym of blockchain, while crypto is, in fact, only one of the products based on it. In this section we write about various coins, crypto markets and crypto exchanges, as well as the numerous applications of blockchain. How it works, what opportunities it offers and what dangers it hides; the way the industry is going to develop in the near future. You will find all about it here.

Banks and large corporations are developing their blockchain systems

Banks and large corporations are developing their blockchain systems

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has filed a patent for its blockchain technology, and Amazon has announced the imminent launch of its own NFT marketplace.
Crypto market news: America fights exchanges and scammers, El Salvador refuses to return dollars, bitcoin rears its head, and hackers steal crypto again from "bridge" services

Crypto market news: America fights exchanges and scammers, El Salvador refuses to return dollars, bitcoin rears its head, and hackers steal crypto again from "bridge" services

Every week we gather the most important news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  After all, whoever owns the information owns the market!  So, in this newsletter, we will tell you about cryptocurrency investigations by US regulators, another change in bitcoin value and crypto and NFT fraud.
Investments in crypto-gaming companies are growing

Investments in crypto-gaming companies are growing

According to a report released on July 30th by InvestGame, the first half of this year has seen significant investments in blockchain gaming companies.

Smart contracts: exactly what they are, and why they are essential

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, there is an increasing amount of discussion about smart contracts. In this article, we will describe in simple terms what they are, why they are essential, and how they work.

How to turn cryptocurrency into actual cash

It's most common that cryptocurrencies are used to preserve value. But any investment is characterised by the moment of profit fixation. This is exactly what this article is all about. There are several ways to exchange virtual money.

The most high-profile cryptocurrency crimes in cryptocurrency history

Bloomberg has reported that in 2021, the Cajee brothers, the founders of South Africa-based investment platform "Africrypt," stole $3.6 billion in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the official means of payment. How is it possible, and what are the consequences?

In El Salvador, a small country in Central America, Bitcoin has been recognised as an official tender.

Vlogger learnt how to mine bitcoins on Game Boy

Popular youtube vlogger of the channel stacksmashing has learnt how to mine cryptocurrency on a games console.  Nevertheless, he didn't manage to earn good money on it.

Crypto purchases that made history

Most people have learned about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only recently and at first were wary of them, as if they were a pyramid scheme. But due to the rapid spread of information about blockchain...

Digital investment platform Bitpanda raises $170 million

The company is now valued at $1.2 billion.

Wrong ideas about cryptocurrency

At the moment, the world had seen as much as more than 2000 different issued crypto assets. As the attention to the many cryptocurrencies rises, also increase in the numbers of misconceptions which surrounds the top coins and other projects. No doubt, the principal known issues with this should be discussed.

IBM has awarded Cryptoenter DeFi solution as ‘Most Promising Fintech Solution Using IBM Clould Services‘

Cryptoenter DeFi platform named ‘Most Promising Fintech Solution’ by IBM.

All about the cryptocurrency Litecoin

Compared to its more popular brothers - the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin, or "digital silver" as users call it, often gets overlooked. Different publications often ignore it. But they shouldn't. After all, this blockchain system has a huge number of users around the world and its capitalization is estimated in the billions of dollars.

5th International Forum Blockchain Life 2020 Takes Place in Moscow

Although all kinds of planned events keep getting cancelled and postponed all around the world, the Blockchain Life 2020 forum still took place this year. It was held for the fifth time, and this time it came to Moscow.

The Top 10 Blockchain Projects in the World

Blockchain projects compete with each other in terms of their speed of operations, as well as their attractiveness to the global financial community.
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