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Cryptocurrency is a buzz word, but it is very difficult to grasp because of a great number of nuances, opinions and omissions. In many people's minds, it is a synonym of blockchain, while crypto is, in fact, only one of the products based on it. In this section we write about various coins, crypto markets and crypto exchanges, as well as the numerous applications of blockchain. How it works, what opportunities it offers and what dangers it hides; the way the industry is going to develop in the near future. You will find all about it here.

Lock, stock: former Microsoft employee arrested for cryptocurrency theft

Lock, stock: former Microsoft employee arrested for cryptocurrency theft

The suspect is 25-year-old Ukrainian national Volodymyr Kvashuk. The damage inflicted is estimated at $10 million.
Libra – hype, revolution or sham?

Libra – hype, revolution or sham?

Over the past few weeks, Libra has probably become the most discussed topic in all media outlets. There is a lot of speculation around the topic: someone views initiative as a threat, while others believe that it is a long-awaited breakthrough.
Visa moves to blockchain, gets rid of passwords

Visa moves to blockchain, gets rid of passwords

Digital asset security startup Anchorage has recently attracted over $40 million in funding. Investors included Visa, Andreessen Horowitz and other companies. 

LG to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

The company has already applied for registration of its ThinQ Wallet trademark. The digital wallet was earlier implemented in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 smartphone. The company is also creating a cryptocurrency support system in Samsung Pay.

Facebook Shares Details of Its Own Cryptocurrency Launch

The new payment currency called “Libra” will be launched in 2020. It will allow users to make instant transactions via Facebook, WhatsApp and a separate application.

The University of Pennsylvania Presents Online Course in Blockchain

The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania Ivy League launched an online course in financial technologies including cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Iridescence: a digital blockchain dress for an astronomical price

There was a rather unusual exhibit at the recent Ethereal Summit auction in New York: a virtual dress called Iridescence which had been created using blockchain technology. The lot was sold for an exorbitant $9.5 thousand.

Shipping leaders prefer blockchain

Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) and CMA CGM, two global shipping leaders, have both joined the TradeLens blockchain platform.

A Big Four accounting firm introduces a new solution to verify the origin of wine

Ernst & Young (EY), a Big Four Accounting firm, has introduced a patented blockchain solution that will allow Asian customers to check the quality and origin of European wines.

Reputable South Korean bank launches blockchain based loan platform

Shinhan Bank, one of the oldest South Korean financial organizations, has recently launched a lending platform based on blockchain. This measure will speed up the process of speeding up the lending process for businesses and individuals.

Coin Acceptance and exchange - find Crypto ATM closest to you

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world today. According to the Coinmarketcap analytical portal alone, there are 861 of them. In fact, there are many more digital coins as the portal does not add...

English premier league football club to launch own fan tokens

London-based football team West Ham United is partnering with blockchain platform to launch their own ecosystem of tokens for fans. This was revealed in a press release on April 30.

HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year

Taiwanese household electronics giant HTC has announced plans to release a second-generation blockchain-oriented smartphone this year. The news was shared by local media.

Why do billion-dollar corporations need blockchain?

While populists are dreaming about blockchain transforming the global financial system, corporations are busy adapting distributed ledger technology to suit their specific business needs

Blockchain to be used in Moscow election

The initiative was proposed by Moscow City Council. They proposed a bill under which the counting of votes would be done using blockchain.
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