Automation is entering all areas of our lives. Robotic mechanisms have long since replaced people on assembly lines in factories, which is extremely cost-effective. Robots don’t need a salary, food or vacation leave, only timely maintenance. These mechanisms solve many routine tasks at a higher speed and accuracy without getting tired. Robots are increasingly entering into our everyday lives as well, allowing us to spend less time on boring housework. Of course, certain models are still too expensive. For example, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics is still out of reach for the average person. And yet robot vacuum cleaners are no longer a surprise for anyone.

How do robonauts work?

How do robonauts work?

As the latest technologies improve and develop, more and more experiments and various other studies are being carried out by robots.
Scientists create an advanced robot dog named RaiBo

Scientists create an advanced robot dog named RaiBo

A research group at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a new four-legged robot control technology.
Research engineers help children with disabilities with the assistance of robots

Research engineers help children with disabilities with the assistance of robots

Students with disabilities can now benefit from additional learning support.

A new generation of flying robots is here

The deteriorating environmental situation has prompted scientists to create new flying AI systems.

FRIDA, the new robot artist, emerges

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a robotic arm design with an attached paintbrush.

A slime robot that can help retrieve swallowed objects

How often do children or animals accidentally swallow foreign objects that can only be retrieved with abdominal surgery?

A robot that is helping people deal with negative emotions

Scientists from the University of Tsukuba have developed a robot helping people deal with negative emotions after receiving unpleasant messages.

Xenobots: living robots that can build and heal

How often do you see robots in science fiction films made from iron, aluminum, or a fictional metal like adamantium...? However, what about robots made from living organisms?

Tesla to begin production of humanoid robot

The model will be called Optimus. Its development is scheduled to start in 2023.

A bouncy, jumping robot has been developed in California

Scientists have based their work on the body structures of kangaroos, frogs, and other jumping animals.

Xtreme RC unveils the XRC Brawler amphibious tank

The vehicle combines outstanding performance with high off-road ability, making it one of the most appealing models in the market.

A British company reveals a robot with incredibly expressive facial expressions

Engineered Arts have released a demo video featuring the Ameca robot. In the video, the robot realistically mirrors human emotions.

The tiny flying robot powered by solar energy

The device is called RoboBee X-Wing; it is only 5cm long and has a 3.5cm wingspan.

Controlling a robotic hand with your mind? This is finally possible!

Experts from two universities (Minnesota and Carnegie-Mellon) have made a real breakthrough in noninvasive robot control.

Scientists create robotic fish that uses blood to move

One small catch - the blood isn’t real. A liquid electrolyte courses through the robot’s veins, serving as a source of energy.
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