Space news, missions and science facts

Outer space has always drawn people’s attention. From time immemorial, travellers used stars to guide them in their explorations and missions. Prophets made their predictions based on the positions of celestial bodies. Galaxies and planets, mysterious dark matter and terrible black holes…
\nIn this Section you will find the most interesting news and articles on astronomy, which is perhaps the most mysterious science in human history.

The Milky Way is older than scientists originally thought

The Milky Way is older than scientists originally thought

It turns out that the galaxy's thick disc began forming as early as 13 billion years ago. That's two billion years earlier than scientists had previously thought!
Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

The Event Horizon Telescope has taken a photograph of the black hole Sagittarius A*, located in the centre of the Milky Way.
NASA is to test a space catapult

NASA is to test a space catapult

Together with SpinLaunch, the space agency is developing a new system for launching objects into space.

Astronomers have recorded the birth of a supernova

Scientists have witnessed the death of a red dwarf for the first time in history.

A citizen from Antigua and Barbuda wins two free tickets for a flight into space

The winner has already promised to share her flight impressions on social media.

Heinz makes ketchup from tomatoes grown in Martian conditions

To achieve this, the company built a unique greenhouse known as the "Redhouse", where it planted tomatoes which subsequently became the basis for its sauce.

An ISS analogue will be built by 2030

In connection with the imminent decommissioning of the International Space Station, several companies have chosen to launch a commercial "business park in orbit".

NASA recruits astronauts using an interactive comic strip

To attract new recruits, the agency has released a graphic novel with augmented reality.

Japan is planning to clear space debris

Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has teamed up with several private companies on the CRD2 project. The aim is to remove space debris from orbit.

NASA to Search for Life on Titan

Despite the low temperature, Titan has an atmosphere similar to the Earth’s, and more importantly, it has water. These factors make Saturn’s biggest moon a very interesting research object.

How our galaxy will be colonized?

Chinese scientists have attempted to answer this question, by creating a computer model, demonstrating how people can settle in the Milky Way.

Scientists Take Thermal Spectrum Pictures of Uranus Rings 

The photos were made from Chile's Atacama Desert. Scientists managed not only to obtain the rings’ image, but also to measure their temperature.

Why is the European Space Agency melting satellites?

Near-Earth satellites are created in a way to ensure all their elements are burned upon entry into the atmosphere. But this does not always happen. A new experiment by the ESA aims to demonstrate what happens to space vehicles near our planet.

NASA ‘starshade’ will cover celestial bodies

Starlight sometimes has a negative effect on telescopes, which is why experts at NASA are currently working on two projects geared towards blocking unnecessary radiation. One of them is operating under the working title ‘Starshade’.

Reusable Space Rider Shuttle

The European Space Agency (ESA) has presented the concept of its new space vehicle to deliver equipment into orbit. Upon completion of its mission, the capsule will return to Earth ready to be used again.
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