Space news, missions and science facts

Outer space has always drawn people’s attention. From time immemorial, travellers used stars to guide them in their explorations and missions. Prophets made their predictions based on the positions of celestial bodies. Galaxies and planets, mysterious dark matter and terrible black holes…
\nIn this Section you will find the most interesting news and articles on astronomy, which is perhaps the most mysterious science in human history.

How do robonauts work?

How do robonauts work?

As the latest technologies improve and develop, more and more experiments and various other studies are being carried out by robots.
Preparations for a new moon landing under way

Preparations for a new moon landing under way

As early as 2025, ii56 years after the first Apollo 17 landing on the Moon, humans are set to land on the surface of the Earth's satellite again.
The evolution of the space suit

The evolution of the space suit

Most recently, NASA and Axiom Space unveiled a new space suit for moon walks.

Axiom Space presents a prototype space suit for the moon landing planned for 2025

Axiom Space representatives have unveiled a prototype commercial space suit for landing astronauts on the moon called the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit.

Get your dream job: how do you get a job at NASA?

Who has never dreamed about flying into space at least once?

Where did the zodiac signs originate? What are horoscopes based on nowadays? What do scientists think about it? #hightecher_explains

Do you think horoscopes are anti-scientific predictions or quite real and valid ways of knowing what will happen to you in the near future?  Take your time to answer - we have a lot to say about astrology, the zodiac signs and scientists' attitudes towards them.

When will we colonise Mars? Scientists' predictions and their scientific rationale. #hightecher_explains

Elon Musk plans to transport about a million people to Mars by 2050 and set up a full-fledged colony on the planet. 

The oldest of the ancient: the Webb telescope has discovered the oldest galaxy

In July 2022, the James Webb Telescope — the largest cosmic infrared observatory ever launched — sent its data to an international team of researchers at NASA.

An international team of scientists has discovered a double black hole

An international team of scientists has gained new evidence that a double black hole exists in galaxy OJ 287.

Supermassive black holes slow down the birth of new stars

Space is a real Pandora's box, holding a million mysteries that still baffle humanity. For more than twenty years, one of these mysteries has been how new stars form and why their births are so irregular.

The 9 most unusual planets in the Universe

How many fantastic films are devoted to aliens, intergalactic travel, and other planets? As children, many of us watched them with fascination.

The Milky Way is older than scientists originally thought

It turns out that the galaxy's thick disc began forming as early as 13 billion years ago. That's two billion years earlier than scientists had previously thought!

Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

The Event Horizon Telescope has taken a photograph of the black hole Sagittarius A*, located in the centre of the Milky Way.

NASA is to test a space catapult

Together with SpinLaunch, the space agency is developing a new system for launching objects into space.
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