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Thanks to a rapid technological development, millions of people now take things for granted, that they could not even imagine a few years ago. However, everything new brings not only opportunities but dangers as well. In this section we write about the ways to use the former and insure you against the latter. We discuss what each product is intended for, what individual devices can do, who invents and produces them as well as how to keep your data confidential and not fall for machinations, tricks or hoaxes. You will find all about it here.

A Brief History of Computer Viruses

A Brief History of Computer Viruses

We are all afraid of human and computer viruses because they threaten our everyday lives.
China will print a hydroelectric power plant on a 3D printer

China will print a hydroelectric power plant on a 3D printer

For a long time now, we have heard that a 3D printer is capable of miracles: it can be used to print toys, spare parts for equipment, decorative items, and even medical prostheses. However, there is still yet more to come!

How to assemble a cool computer without going broke

There is an opinion that we are paying too much for a manufactured computer — by 20% or even more. Actually, it is all down to advertising costs, included in the price of a computer.

Cybersecurity 3.0: how to protect yourself and your data

This year, the hacker group Anonymous declared a cyberwar on Russia. Recently, the hackers vowed to hack the Russian accounts of Burger King if the company continued to work in Russia.

Quantum batteries enable electric cars to be charged in 3 minutes

EVs are not as popular as conventional cars because they have a long charge time and a low battery capacity. This means that a vehicle can usually travel only for 120 kilometers (75 miles).

Scientists have created an Artificial Intelligence that can create AI all by itself!

The potential of AI is limitless, and scientists continue developing this field of knowledge, trying to create a full-fledged analog of the human brain capable of computing and thinking, creating, and even creating.

Lithuania develops a drone to intercept other drones

Inventor Aleksey Zaitsevsky has developed an Interceptor device capable of capturing other drones.

The Nvidia neural network turns photos into 3D models

The company has unveiled a new version of its Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) artificial intelligence.

The Gravity Industries Jet Suit was recently tested by the military

The test occurred during a recent NATO exercise in Slovenia.

British police officers are soon to ride three-wheeled scooters

White Motorcycle Concepts have unveiled its three-wheeled hybrid scooter idea. The company developed the scooter in collaboration with the Northamptonshire County Police.

General Motors is to develop an electric vehicle based on the Hummer EV

The car will perform military missions.

Collective intelligence will help autonomous cars avoid accidents

Drivers would be able to look out for each other.

China appears to be developing drones from Soviet fighter jets

The country's air force seems to be giving a second life to out-of-service fighter jets and converting them into modern weapons.

The AR headset is to protect motorcyclists from road accidents

The system can analyse the traffic in real-time.
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