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Thanks to a rapid technological development, millions of people now take things for granted, that they could not even imagine a few years ago. However, everything new brings not only opportunities but dangers as well. In this section we write about the ways to use the former and insure you against the latter. We discuss what each product is intended for, what individual devices can do, who invents and produces them as well as how to keep your data confidential and not fall for machinations, tricks or hoaxes. You will find all about it here.

350,000 km on the Tesla Model S: why electricity is more profitable than gas

350,000 km on the Tesla Model S: why electricity is more profitable than gas

The owner of Tesla Model S told CleanTechnica that an electric car is not only convenient and fast, but also profitable
Why is AI the Most Powerful Force of Our Times

Why is AI the Most Powerful Force of Our Times

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s interview to VentureBeat
Lightning cable for true hackers

Lightning cable for true hackers

An unusual cable was presented at the DefCon cyber security conference: when connected to a device, it installs there special software that enables hacking.

ROBOpilot turns any plane into a drone

The ROBOpilot system, a set of devices that can replace a human pilot, was tested in the USA a short while ago. Using it, the most ordinary aircraft can be converted into a drone.

The world's first electric plane crashes

Electric transport is the main solution to the greenhouse gases issue, but innovative ideas do not always get a seamless start. For example, the Norwegian electric aircraft Alpha Electro crashed a short while ago. What caused the accident?

France to tear down the world's first solar panel road

In 2016, Colas Company built the 1.6-kilometre Wattway road in Normandy, France. It featured unique solar panel coating which powered the roadside lamps. But the unique road stretch is now up for demolition.

Crash test reveals the safest electric car

The American non-profit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has conducted a series of tests that identified the safest electric car. It was an e-tron model from the car manufacturer Audi.

Fire Barry: Talespin creates unusual VR app

Barry is a digital character that needs to be ‘fired’ by the player. The app is meant to develop the user’s communication skills and teach them to get out of tricky situations. 

The U.S. military is building a drone army

The United States witnessed the second of the six exercise stages of the OFFSET programme. It was intended to practice the tactics of simultaneous use of large numbers of drones to support ground forces.

Police robots will protect China from criminals

There’s a new addition to the police force in Handan, China: three police robots have joined the service. The robots were developed specifically for law enforcement agencies.

Protests in Hong Kong: dating sites and augmented reality games

Hong Kong has been hit by a wave of protests. Government control over the Internet and messengers has inspired the opposition to come up with creative and unexpected cooperation methods.

Cubic Motion to Create Virtual Copies of People

The level of facial expressions and bodily movements digitalization has reached such a high level that it does not need any subsequent manual adjustment.

This technology will forever change the movie industry

Epic Games and Unreal Engine recently presented a new development that will fundamentally transform the approach to filming.

Look for your own secret documents on Google

How to hide important information from an all-seeing search engine

US Scientists Developing a New Type of Non-lethal Weapons

Pentagon has been reported to be working on a new generation of lasers. The devices can be used to transmit voice messages or even deafen a potential enemy.
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