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Thanks to a rapid technological development, millions of people now take things for granted, that they could not even imagine a few years ago. However, everything new brings not only opportunities but dangers as well. In this section we write about the ways to use the former and insure you against the latter. We discuss what each product is intended for, what individual devices can do, who invents and produces them as well as how to keep your data confidential and not fall for machinations, tricks or hoaxes. You will find all about it here.

The US Army will spend 22 billion dollars on AR headsets

The US Army will spend 22 billion dollars on AR headsets

Microsoft was awarded the contract for the supply of high-tech products.
A new device to harvest sunlight has been developed in Singapore

A new device to harvest sunlight has been developed in Singapore

Designed at the Nanyang University of Technology, the device is efficient and straightforward.

The world's most advanced security banknote will be issued in England

It will be a fifty-pound note featuring Alan Turing.

Autonomous boats have entered service in the UK

Following the necessary tests, the vessels will be put into action as a rapid reaction force.

A famous Japanese blogger is revealed to be a 50-year-old biker

To deceive his audience, the man used deepfake technology.

A Dutch actress has been tattooed by a robot

Stijn Fransen got inked as part of an advertising campaign for T-Mobile Netherlands.

The Lime company gives used batteries a new lease of life

The company's latest project provides an innovative approach to e-waste.

An Israeli company Blue White Robotics has learned how to turn conventional tractors into drones

For this purpose, they developed special multi-component equipment. 

Realistic human characters are now being created directly in a browser

Epic Games has developed the MetaHuman Creator, a program where you can create Human 3D models in a browser window.

The US Navy has acquired two French amphibious boats

The retractable tracks enable the five-seater boats to travel on land.

New technology from Xiaomi will allow the user to charge electrical gadgets from a distance 

Mi Air Air Charge is a new development from Xiaomi that enables charging up to 5 devices simultaneously. The technology works at a distance of several meters and easily overcomes any physical obstacles.

Driverless Vehicles: How unmanned cars are conquering the world

Automation is taking over the world. The era of traditional manned vehicles is approaching its end. We need to recognize the fact that the world in the 21st century is changing at a much faster pace than in previous decades.

How does a hologram work?

Holograms are an essential part of any sci-fi action movie. However, just how advanced is the technology in real life? Let's look at what holograms are, how they are used, and whether it is possible to create a hologram with our own fair hands.

Sphero introduce the ReadySight rapid response robot

The device has been designed to operate in emergency situations that pose a threat to human life.
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