Today, smartphones aren’t just communication tools, but also cameras, personal assistants, fitness gadgets, spy gadgets. A lot of services create mobile apps to simplify user interaction or just to survive competition against other companies. Every day, countless articles about new smartphone features appear, including ones about new vulnerabilities and mobile data leaks. Modern people connect their entire lives with mobile gadgets, which is why it’s not only useful, but necessary to know everything about them.

An elastic display that is thinner than duct tape

An elastic display that is thinner than duct tape

Scientists at Stanford University have developed an innovative display that is at least twice as bright as modern smartphone screens and three times thinner.
Hackers create a spying USB cable

Hackers create a spying USB cable

The wire has a built-in microcomputer, which reads the typed messages. The hacker later receives them via a radio module.
NFC for your phone: what it is and how to use it.

NFC for your phone: what it is and how to use it.

The development of mobile technologies is always looking to develop more understandable and user-friendly interfaces.

Interface to Revolutionize Our Conception of a Smartphone Case

Snap Company and Columbia University scientists have presented a case to control your smartphone. Curiously, it is not connected to the device either through wired or wireless communication.

HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year

Taiwanese household electronics giant HTC has announced plans to release a second-generation blockchain-oriented smartphone this year. The news was shared by local media.

Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy Fold smartphone testing by robots

The official Samsung channel on YouTube has released a video showing the endurance tests of the new flagship Galaxy Fold smartphone with robots involved in the folding mechanism testing.

Huawei unveils the flagships P30 and P30 Pro

New Huawei flagships were presented in Paris. The main feature of the gadgets is a great emphasis on the camera. Smartphone P30 Pro – Huawei’s first phone that boasts 4 cameras and 10x zoom without loss of quality.

New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

After the official presentation for Galaxy S10, new details about the smartphone have emerged. Experts have confirmed that the phone will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, a feature that was discussed before to the official release.

Following Samsung: Huawei and Oppo present folding smartphones

In an effort to keep up with Samsung, Huawei and Oppo have presented their very own folding gadgets. Despite the obvious similarities (namely, their folding feature), the smartphones come with notable differences.

Nokia presents new smartphone

A photo recently posted on Twitter gives away the first hints at the upcoming release. The most remarkable feature? The phone is equipped with 5 cameras.

New Gadgets by Samsung

Samsung unveiled its new gadgets at the presentation held in San Francisco on February 20. They include a foldable smartphone, fitness trackers and other products by the famous South Korean company.

Xiaomi presentation highlights

The Heavenly Empire witnessed the launch of Xiaomi’s new smartphone brands - Mi 9 Explorer Edition and Mi 9 SE. This review will discuss the models and sum up the presentations’ results.

New Details Emerge around Samsung Galaxy S10

Pictures of Samsung’s new flagship have seeped into the Internet. One of its new features is a cryptocurrency storage application.\n

Qualcomm Refuses to Supply Modem Chips to Apple

Qualcomm, a modem manufacturer, refused to supply its chips for the latest iPhone models after Apple accused it of anti-competitive behavior. It was stated by Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams...

New smart phones from Xiaomi sell like hot cakes

On 15 January 2019, Redmi Note 7 smartphone from Xiaomi released under a separate brand went on sale. The Corporation has grand plans for this economy class gadget for it expects to ship a million units in...