The best way to explain difficult concepts is by using simple language. In our longreads, we avoid using complex scientific terms, instead focusing on explaining everything that has to do with promising new technologies, scientific discoveries, and the problems that go hand in hand with technological progress. We strive to give you a detailed overview of the most important facts about technologies, in a way that’s not boring. In this format, we offer a comprehensive view of a particular event, issue or object without leaving out any important details or facts.

How do robonauts work?

How do robonauts work?

As the latest technologies improve and develop, more and more experiments and various other studies are being carried out by robots.
How genetics affects our tastes and preferences

How genetics affects our tastes and preferences

What, in your opinion, do our food preferences depend on? Why are we happy we eat certain foods 24/7, while others make us nauseous or just taste too spicy, salty, or sour?
Preparations for a new moon landing under way

Preparations for a new moon landing under way

As early as 2025, ii56 years after the first Apollo 17 landing on the Moon, humans are set to land on the surface of the Earth's satellite again.
The evolution of the space suit

The evolution of the space suit

Most recently, NASA and Axiom Space unveiled a new space suit for moon walks.
Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It is easy to use, although you can make it more convenient and effective for your work and home!

Get your dream job: how do you get a job at NASA?

Who has never dreamed about flying into space at least once?

Smart beyond their years: India's most talented young scientists

Today we will tell you about six of the most remarkable individuals in India who are making the lives of people around them much better and happier.

The top video games that are useful for every occasion and in every profession

The gaming industry, throughout the years, has given the world thousands of incredible stories, many of which have even been shown on the big screen.

Why are neural networks needed in a city, and will the data be transmitted to the government?

Companies compete for customers, while cities compete for residents.

Scientific evidence reveals that there are no intellectual differences between men and women

According to a UN report, in 2021, twenty-two nations worldwide do have women leaders. Now, there are more women leaders than ever in history but remember, there are more than 190 states worldwide.

Why do movie posters differ from country to country: A scientific viewpoint

What would your favorite movie poster look like in another country? Or a book cover?

Interesting facts about neural networks: the history of their creation and use in the modern world

Do you use Siri on your iPhone? Just to let you know, it is a neural network! What about Yandex Station? It is a neural network, too. The technology behind facial recognition in CCTV cameras is also a neural network. This includes artificial intelligence, whether small or hidden inside some services.

Where did the zodiac signs originate? What are horoscopes based on nowadays? What do scientists think about it? #hightecher_explains

Do you think horoscopes are anti-scientific predictions or quite real and valid ways of knowing what will happen to you in the near future?  Take your time to answer - we have a lot to say about astrology, the zodiac signs and scientists' attitudes towards them.

The elixir of immortality: is there any chance that humans could live forever?

Humanity has been trying to unravel the secret of eternal life for ages. Sages, alchemists, philosophers and poets have all attempted, in one way or another, to answer the question of why man inevitably withers and how to explain the phenomenon that different living beings have completely different lifespans.

Running away from old age: how to extend your life through sport

If you're under 30 and think you have at least another decade to look forward to while staying young and fresh, we have some bad news for you. The ageing process starts at 30, and by the time you turn 40, this process accelerates.

When will we colonise Mars? Scientists' predictions and their scientific rationale. #hightecher_explains

Elon Musk plans to transport about a million people to Mars by 2050 and set up a full-fledged colony on the planet. 

Lucid dreams: the games and mysteries of our subconscious mind

Have you ever had a dream where you have discovered that you can control and make it exactly how you want it because you understand it is not real?

Much worse than covid: 8 of the deadliest viruses in human history

With the advent of COVID-19, scientists and many ordinary people began to take an active interest in virology.

A Brief History of Computer Viruses

We are all afraid of human and computer viruses because they threaten our everyday lives.

Science against insomnia: scientific advice on how to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep

According to research, about 40-45% of people experience occasional insomnia, and 60% complain of a chronic lack of sleep.

Is China the most technologically advanced country in the world?

In 2014, the Harvard Business Review published an article in which researchers decided that China's policies prevent innovation.
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