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Alex Reinhardt

Alex Reinhardt

Alex Reinhardt is a venture capitalist, economist, international conference speaker and blockchain expert with over ten years of practical experience in the field of startups and venture capital. Alex Reinhardt is an entrepreneur who founded more than 20 high-tech projects in IT and FinTech with a total capitalization of over 100 million euros. Smart Blockchain is recognised as Alex’s leading project today. In addition, he often comments on crypto market events in various online publications around the world, such as Coin Idol, Bitcoin News Schweiz, and Coinspeaker. He has already conducted over 100 successful training seminars and brought together a community of 3,000,000 users worldwide.

Why do billion-dollar corporations need blockchain?

While populists are dreaming about blockchain transforming the global financial system, corporations are busy adapting distributed ledger technology to suit their specific business needs

Inflation in the Cryptocurrency World: Is It the End of Financial Stability?

A venture investor and economist with over 10 years of practical experience in startups and venture capital, a business development expert. Еntrepreneur and founder of over 10 projects in IT and FinTech...

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Evan Mcbride

Evan Mcbride

Hitecher staff writer, high tech and science enthusiast. His work includes news about gadgets, articles on important fundamental discoveries, as well as breakdowns of problems faced by companies today. Evan has his own editorial column on Hitecher.

The downfall of Galaxy Fold, the idea crisis and the future of smartphones

Samsung has cancelled the release of Galaxy Fold. Why do engineers, designers and users rarely see eye to eye, and what can we expect from the mobile industry in the future?

Apple TV+ and the last video rental store, Spielberg and Netflix

At a recent presentation, Apple introduced several new subscription services including magazine platform Apple News+, iOS and macOS gaming service Apple Arcade, and the Apple TV+ video service that the company...

What’s wrong with Facebook’s new strategy?

2018 was the most difficult year for Facebook. Now, the company has announced a complete overhaul of its confidentiality and safety policies. This is not about customer experience - it’s a last-ditch effort to save the company

Selling alcohol and medicine online in 2019: how hard can it be?

Do you think that managing a crypto business is the hardest thing to do in 2019? Try selling something else online. What about good old alcohol? After all, prohibition ended a long time ago, demand is high, and lots of people want to work and make money. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple

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Igor Flagman. An economist and trader with 13 years of experience in various markets (forex and cryptocurrencies), author of signature trading strategies. A crypto investor and crypto markets analyst.

“And why is everybody so panicky?” Or what is in fact happening in the cryptocurrencies market

Hello everybody. I once again come to the conclusion that many market participants simply enjoy permanent suffering and emotional turmoil. And yesterday’s BTC/USD slump is a clear proof of it.  Dozens of...

What is Pump-and-Dump or the Classical Stock Exchange Cheat

Now, in the period of pervasive cryptocurrency hype, I simply cannot but share with you a time-tested cheat in share trading. Pump-and-Dump is a standard scheme of stock exchange fraud. It boils down...

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