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For millions of people around the world the word “Internet” is inseparably linked with Google Corporation. The Company has made such a great contribution to its development, that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine what the high tech market would look like today without it.
\nGoogle is the trendsetter in everything related to IT and only an IT-backward person might think that search is the only field of the Corporation’s activity. You will find main news and information on Google’s new products in this Section.

Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It is easy to use, although you can make it more convenient and effective for your work and home!
Google Creates Algorithm to Eliminate Face Distortions in Photos

Google Creates Algorithm to Eliminate Face Distortions in Photos

The technology was presented at SIGGRAPH 2019 annual conference focusing on graphics issues.

Google introduces new VR headset

The device is called Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its initial purpose was exclusively gaming, but it is currently positioned as an instrument for surgeons, engineers and other specialists.

What is hidden under marine debris? Google founder’s NGO makes startling discovery

Schmidt Ocean Institute is a nonprofit oceanic fund created by Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy Schmidt. Researchers from the company recently discovered numerous rainbow-colored mineral towers at the bottom of the Gulf of California. However, they were concealed under a pile of marine debris.

The first images of Google’s new gamepad are online

Previously, the mass media outlets reported on the company's plans to conquer the video game market. In particular, it is going to release its own streaming service Project Stream to compete with similar projects from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Google Not Giving up the Possibility a Censored Search Engine for China

The US House of Representatives asked Google CEO questions about the new search engine for China, data privacy and the company’s political neutrality\n

Google+ to Close down Early after Data Leak Affecting Over 50 Million User Accounts

The company will close down its service for ordinary users in April.\n

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Google Chrome

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly resourceful day by day. Once users have found protection from one malicious software, it is in no time replaced by ten more dangerous ones. The beginning of the blockchain...

Google is developing an alternative to Android

Google programmers are developing an operating system that will become a more advanced replacement for Android and will help them to compete with Apple. The new system, called Fuchsia, will focus on...

Google has been convicted of violating European antitrust laws again

The European Commission handed down a record fine of €4.3 billion to Alphabet corporation for violating anti-monopoly legislation. Representatives of the European Commission said that Google, which is part of...

Twitter follows Facebook and Google and bans ICO and cryptocurrencies ads

Twitter changes its advertising policy. ICO and cryptocurrencies advertising is banned in the social network starting from March, 27, 2018. The company announced that the new rules will protect users from...

Google and YouTube will ban the advertising of cryptocurrencies and ICO

Alphabet Inc. owing Google and YouTube made some changes in its advertising policy and will not advertise any cryptocurrencies, ICO and all connected to it anymore. The company representatives stated this...

Google AI allows you to change the background in “YouTube Stories”

The creation of high-quality clips in which the characters are on an unusual, changing, or simply a monochrome background requires studio conditions: everyone has heard about the green (sometimes blue)...

Apple stores your data on Google Cloud

The updated iOS security documentation confirms that Apple is using Google Cloud to store iCloud service data. Previously the company has used cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft...