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Though quadcopters, drones and unmanned areal vehicles became popular just a few years ago, we can hardly imagine today’s technology market without them. UAVs with an on-board camera are used to produce professional music videos s and films and everyday people use them to capture vivid moments in their lives. This Section of our website covers news on quadcopters and other flying gadgets.

The world’s smallest flying device has been developed in Illinois

The world’s smallest flying device has been developed in Illinois

Scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois have created a tiny flying microchip.
The inventor designs a drone firing device

The inventor designs a drone firing device

The installation designed by Drew Pilcher is fully autonomous. It is a complete analogue of an anti-aircraft turret with computer vision, homing and automatic weapons preparation, but it is for fun rather than serious combat.  
The tiny flying robot powered by solar energy

The tiny flying robot powered by solar energy

The device is called RoboBee X-Wing; it is only 5cm long and has a 3.5cm wingspan.

Youbionics builds drone with bionic arms

Autonomous aircraft are already extremely useful. A company called Youbionics has recently come up with a way to further increase their potential. They introduced a project called Drone for Handy, which includes the creation of aircraft with bionic arms.

Drones will help French winemakers take their products to the next level

The south of France is a region famous for its wine. In the near future, this fame might get to the next level as local winemakers are actively implementing innovations in their industry.  Today, you can already find drones identifying sick plants, creating agricultural maps and predicting crop yields in the Fronton province.

Quadcopters versus catastrophes

From the outset, drones have been used for filming and entertainment, but who’s to say that they can’t be applied to more serious situations? Autonomous flying machines have a bright future in search operations, and it was recently proposed to use them to build sanctuaries in areas struck by disaster.

DJI Storm - the king of drones

DJI has recently released a new cinematic multicopter. The event was not highlighted by the media, because it is impossible to buy the device: it is only rented out, as the drone comes with a service team and a truck carrying additional equipment.

Tiny racing drone built in the Netherlands

How small can a drone get? A team of Dutch scientists tried to find the answer to this question. The device created by the researchers is not only small in dimensions, but can also work in a fully autonomous mode.

Heron: a Canadian marine drone

Canadian company Clearpath Robotics presented their latest invention: the Heron marine multicopter, which is the logical extension of Kingfisher, the company’s previous marine drone.

DJI drones to be equipped with aircraft detectors

Drone manufacturers are currently hard at work developing mechanisms that will prevent air accidents. Chinese company DJI is no exception: their latest plan is to install special safety detectors onto their devices.

The U.S. military is stockpiling drones for infantry

The U.S. Army is actively equipping its infantry with Black Hornet UAVs to help soldiers inspect an area while remaining invisible to the enemy.

DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones

Military budgets of most leading countries already include expenses on building drone fighting machines. There are many ways to disarm them. But what better way to fight a drone than with another drone?

Drones Learn to See Aircraft

Iris Automation has developed an automated course correction system for drones. It will enable safe use of UAVs at high altitudes facilitating their implementation and expanding their scope of application.

Drone makes first kidney transplant delivery

Scientists from the University of Maryland have transported a human kidney using a drone, followed by successful transplantation into a critically ill patient. This is the first such case in history.

Swiss Air Rescue Drones To Help Find Missing People

Drones can perform a variety of tasks  from tending agricultural lands to military operations. Rega is a Swiss organization dedicated to saving missing people. Its representatives have recently announced that they would be using Swiss Air Rescue UAVs for their missions.