The company whose history began in the 1930s with a small rice flour warehouse has since transformed into the largest modern tech giant. Today, Samsung creates smartphones, smart watches, monitors, televisions, various household appliances including refrigerators, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners. Electronics provide their main source of income, although the company has dabbled in almost all industries, including chemicals, textiles, heavy industry, construction, finance and payment systems and even automotive manufacturing.

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects

Public consciousness has long grown accustomed to the idea that televisions need to have a rectangular shape with a long base, or at least be represented as a square. But Samsung has another opinion on this topic.
Samsung creates a vase that doubles as a fire extinguisher and works like a grenade

Samsung creates a vase that doubles as a fire extinguisher and works like a grenade

Cheil Worldwide, a subsidiary of South Korean giant Samsung, has presented a development built to increase safety in residential, commercial and other buildings: Firevase, a throwable fire extinguisher.
New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

After the official presentation for Galaxy S10, new details about the smartphone have emerged. Experts have confirmed that the phone will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, a feature that was discussed before to the official release.

New Gadgets by Samsung

Samsung unveiled its new gadgets at the presentation held in San Francisco on February 20. They include a foldable smartphone, fitness trackers and other products by the famous South Korean company.

New Details Emerge around Samsung Galaxy S10

Pictures of Samsung’s new flagship have seeped into the Internet. One of its new features is a cryptocurrency storage application.\n

Samsung to Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

December 4 marked the launch of the annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018 hosted by Qualcomm, a leader in the development of mobile processors and wireless communications. The summit will focus on the...

A Foldable Smartphone from Samsung

Justin Denison, head of Samsung’s mobile product marketing, presented a prototype of the company’s new product – a smartphone with a foldable screen. Flexible and foldable screens are the next step in...

Samsung receives a patent for a “flying display” controlled by eye movements

Samsung continues to come up with unusual solutions for displays. The latest Galaxy models with curved sides of the screens have left few people surprised. At a closed show during the CES-2018 exhibition, the...

Samsung released the biggest SSD

Samsung started the mass production of a solid-state drive with a volume of 30 TB.  The PM1643 model broke the previous record: the new SSD is twice as large as the 15 TB drive released in March 2016. The...