Science & Education

Fundamental and applied research continues to receive huge funding today, remaining a major driver of progress. In this section we write about cutting-edge scientific achievements (including independent ones) and educational opportunities available to forward-looking people. Who does what and where, what grants are awarded and who gets them, what to expect from the discoveries at the interface of various scientific disciplines and where one can learn things that are going to spread a year, five or ten years from now. You will find all about it here.

Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

The Event Horizon Telescope has taken a photograph of the black hole Sagittarius A*, located in the centre of the Milky Way.
NASA is to test a space catapult

NASA is to test a space catapult

Together with SpinLaunch, the space agency is developing a new system for launching objects into space.
Scientists discover what spider music sounds like

Scientists discover what spider music sounds like

A surprising experiment by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed the harmony of nature.

Astronomers have recorded the birth of a supernova

Scientists have witnessed the death of a red dwarf for the first time in history.

Innovative technology allows people to produce oil out of plastic waste

The American company Honeywell International has discovered how to produce oil from plastic waste.

Swiss scientists discover how to turn air into petrol

Engineers from Zurich have tested a synthetic gas extraction unit, which can also liquefy it further to kerosene and methanol.

Japan is planning to clear space debris

Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has teamed up with several private companies on the CRD2 project. The aim is to remove space debris from orbit.

Scientists at Columbia University cook chicken using lasers and a 3D printer

A new technique for processing food helps save resources and enable the consumer to form food into any shape they want.

Finland develops a new method for growing coffee 

The "cell farming" technology allows you to sprout coffee seeds in a test tube.

An astronaut's blood can be used as the main building material on Mars

Turns out the human body is a genuine provider of substances suitable for construction.

Scientists discover further evidence of the intelligence of cockatoo's  

Wild cockatoo parrots remain the only non-primates who make their own tools.

Green energy: why switch to biofuels?

Oil and gas energy is harmful to the environment. But what are the alternatives?

Is life possible on the Moon?

How much do we know about our satellite?

Biologists discover how to increase crop yields by fifty per cent

To achieve this, scientists have introduced an FTO gene to plants.

Emperor Penguins are threatened with extinction

According to scientists, the species could become extinct by the end of the 21st century.
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