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Fundamental and applied research continues to receive huge funding today, remaining a major driver of progress. In this section we write about cutting-edge scientific achievements (including independent ones) and educational opportunities available to forward-looking people. Who does what and where, what grants are awarded and who gets them, what to expect from the discoveries at the interface of various scientific disciplines and where one can learn things that are going to spread a year, five or ten years from now. You will find all about it here.

A cockatoo's high intelligence has gained some unusual validation

A cockatoo's high intelligence has gained some unusual validation

Australian parrots have demonstrated exceptional social abilities by teaching each other how to open waste bins.
The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The MIT Technology edition has announced an unusual match - a virtual ping pong. A paralyzed man and a monkey from the Neuralink project will take part in the game.
Artificial intelligence has revealed what’s hidden under a Picasso painting

Artificial intelligence has revealed what’s hidden under a Picasso painting

Astonishingly, under Picasso’s one hundred and twenty-year-old painting “Pauper squatting,” there’s another hidden landscape.

The teeth of all the animals in the world grow according to a single mathematical formula

Alistair Evans, an Australian biologist, made this discovery.  The formula, called the “power cascade”, works with teeth and horns, antlers, and even spines.   

A Pensioner Has Discovered the Ruins of an Ancient Palace on His Land

The man is unhappy with the discovery because now he cannot build his own bungalow.

Life on Earth could have emerged from a lightning strike

Scientists consider the origins of life as one of the great mysteries. They suggest that thunderstorms could have played a crucial role in the process.

A rare ancient meteorite has landed in Britain

The rock landed directly in front of the Wilcock's family home in Winchcombe. It's estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.

A group of American scientists want to construct a biological storage facility on the Moon

A group of American scientists have suggested creating a lunar “Noah's Ark”, a bio-storage facility, which will house samples of spores, sperm, eggs and seeds from millions of plants and animals.

In the USA, an extinct ferret has just recently been cloned

This was achieved thanks to the San Diego laboratory that stores frozen biological samples of different animals.

Rapid Response Team: Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine

The topic of stem cells has become very popular over the past few years. Many people believe that their discovery and use has only taken place recently, maybe in the last 20 or 30 years.

How space is being conquered. The history of the Hubble telescope and the research it has performed.

Space exploration is one of the main goals of the ongoing technological race between developed countries.

A Crisis of Confidence. Or Why People Believe the Earth is Flat

A lot of mixed up, and often confusing, knowledge about how our world works is stored in a person's head.

The Nobel Peace prize results for 2020

For over a century, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It is awarded annually to scientists, individuals and organisations for their significant scientific achievements and meaningful contribution to the expansion of social and cultural development.

A mobile robot chemist has been created in the UK

The autonomous robot can independently plan and perform experiments. The device has been designed to help scientists who want to eliminate routine tasks.

ESA shows the most beautiful crater on Mars

The European Space Agency has presented a video of a flight over Korolev crater. The view is unbelievable!
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