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Fundamental and applied research continues to receive huge funding today, remaining a major driver of progress. In this section we write about cutting-edge scientific achievements (including independent ones) and educational opportunities available to forward-looking people. Who does what and where, what grants are awarded and who gets them, what to expect from the discoveries at the interface of various scientific disciplines and where one can learn things that are going to spread a year, five or ten years from now. You will find all about it here.

Scientists discover stellar black hole in the Milky Way 

Scientists discover stellar black hole in the Milky Way 

Contemporary theory does not allow for the existence of black holes with this mass.
New Google quantum computer can be used for wormhole modeling 

New Google quantum computer can be used for wormhole modeling 

Researchers will conduct an experiment to determine how information passes through a so-called ‘wormhole’ between two black holes.
Light pollution: a potential reason behind the global extinction of insects

Light pollution: a potential reason behind the global extinction of insects

This new factor is added to a list of other potential causes for the decline in insect populations - climate change, agriculture, and more.

Abundant Water Vapor Detected on Europe

The discovery indirectly proves that there is liquid water on Jupiter’s moon, which means that it is still a promising space object to search for extraterrestrial life.

Ribose found in meteorites

Complex sugars found in extraterrestrial bodies support the theory of external sources of organic matter, necessary for the birth of life millions of years ago.

Research — a new Apple application collects user health data for scientific research

Users will be able to choose which information to share. Apple representatives promise that only research groups will have access to user information.

Astronomers prove that buckyballs can be formed in deep space

The destruction of complex matter is not the only process that takes place near aging stars: synthesis of new compounds is another possibility to explore.

A single injection of antibodies cures peanut allergies

The majority of the patients in the study could consume peanuts within weeks after the injection.

Single-use plastics banned in Thailand

Over the next couple of years, the country will ban plastic bags and utensils, replacing them with substitutes made from eco-friendly materials.

Genome sequencing to become available to every UK new born baby

The project’s initiators propose to introduce new mandatory tests, allowing to identify dangerous health conditions at an early stage of a baby’s development.

The Implementation of Paris Agreement Will Not Stop Sea Level Rise

Studies have shown that mankind has been significantly contributing to global warming since the 18th century.

Scientists 3D Print Living Skin Complete with Blood Vessels

The technology has so far been tested on mice. For patient testing, donor cells have to be modified using CRISPR.

Surgeons Broadcast Neurological Operation on Facebook Live

The goal of the broadcast was to show a successful operation to reduce other patients’ fears.

More than half of all UK electricity comes from renewable sources

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the country’s wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants generated more energy than fossil fuel combustion for the first time in history.

AI Develops an Innovative Super-robust and Super-compressible Metamaterial

In the future, self-learning algorithms will be able to conduct full-fledged materials engineering experiments by analyzing data from previous experiments.
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