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Google is to create an immersive video chatting system

Google is to create an immersive video chatting system

The experimental system called Project Starline will try to make the whole experience of video chatting as similar to live communication as possible.
Regent releases the Seaglider

Regent releases the Seaglider

Pre-orders for the Seaglider have totalled $465 million.
Cornell University has discovered how to manipulate electronics using discreet teeth gestures

Cornell University has discovered how to manipulate electronics using discreet teeth gestures

This is achieved by using TeethTap, a wearable system that converts discreet teeth gestures into commands.
Samsung showcases its latest flexible gadgets

Samsung showcases its latest flexible gadgets

Display Week 2021 is a traditional trade show where Samsung introduces its latest devices. This year proved to be incredibly rich in new products.
The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The MIT Technology edition has announced an unusual match - a virtual ping pong. A paralyzed man and a monkey from the Neuralink project will take part in the game.

Artificial intelligence has revealed what’s hidden under a Picasso painting

Astonishingly, under Picasso’s one hundred and twenty-year-old painting “Pauper squatting,” there’s another hidden landscape.

The Start-up CharaChorder develops a keyboard that can type entire words

CharaChorder Lite promises to be the most sophisticated fast typing device.

How did ancient Japanese art help a Korean carmaker?

Hankook is working alongside Korean and American scientists to develop unique transformable wheels. An origami technique has considerably helped them.

An Engineer creates the world's largest Nintendo Switch console

The massive device is fully compatible with the original games console.

Spot the robot has successfully taken part in an army exercise

Spot successfully handled a reconnaissance mission during an army exercise.

An Israeli company can detect COVID-19 by analysing a person’s voice

Using the VocalisCheck mobile app, Israel has learnt how to diagnose the Coronavirus by listening to a patient’s voice with an accuracy rate of 81%.

The US Army will spend 22 billion dollars on AR headsets

Microsoft was awarded the contract for the supply of high-tech products.

A new device to harvest sunlight has been developed in Singapore

Designed at the Nanyang University of Technology, the device is efficient and straightforward.

The teeth of all the animals in the world grow according to a single mathematical formula

Alistair Evans, an Australian biologist, made this discovery.  The formula, called the “power cascade”, works with teeth and horns, antlers, and even spines.   

Virgin Galactic unveils their new spaceship

The first flight of VSS Imagine could happen this year.

Vlogger learnt how to mine bitcoins on Game Boy

Popular youtube vlogger of the channel stacksmashing has learnt how to mine cryptocurrency on a games console.  Nevertheless, he didn't manage to earn good money on it.

Facebook is creating a social media platform designed for the rehabilitation of former prisoners

The target audience will be released criminals.

The world's most advanced security banknote will be issued in England

It will be a fifty-pound note featuring Alan Turing.

Xiaomi is launching a smartphone with a unique lens

This was initially announced on the official manufacturers account on Weibo.

Autonomous boats have entered service in the UK

Following the necessary tests, the vessels will be put into action as a rapid reaction force.

Canada is developing the world's fastest, three-wheeled, electric car

Daymak is developing a unique electric vehicle. Earlier, they've produced an e-bike, SUV and ATV. Right now, though, they are working on a three-wheeled electric car.

A famous Japanese blogger is revealed to be a 50-year-old biker

To deceive his audience, the man used deepfake technology.

A Pensioner Has Discovered the Ruins of an Ancient Palace on His Land

The man is unhappy with the discovery because now he cannot build his own bungalow.

Trump's advisor has announced the launch of a brand-new social media platform

According to Jason Miller, the new service will be launched in about two to three months.
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