electric cars

Even today, we can already predict what people will be driving in the future. The transition to electrical energy is taking all tech industries by storm. Most major auto manufacturers are creating electrical product lines, but their main goal is not to make money today, but to remain on the market several decades from now. Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz are following in Tesla’s footsteps by creating their own concepts. Today, their customers mostly include wealthy auto enthusiasts who are interested in adding an expensive, but fast, silent and eco-friendly car to their auto park. That’s why most of the electrocar market is currently dominated by premium automobiles. Yet we can expect widespread adoption of more affordable models in the near future.

General Motors is to develop an electric vehicle based on the Hummer EV

General Motors is to develop an electric vehicle based on the Hummer EV

The car will perform military missions.
Tesla introduces a unique steering wheel

Tesla introduces a unique steering wheel

The new Tesla S Plaid model features a futuristic steering wheel that resembles a game console controller.
New transportation energy efficiency record set in Sweden

New transportation energy efficiency record set in Sweden

Delsbo Electric is an annual contest in creating energy-efficient rail vehicles. This time, a new record was set by students from Dalarna University and Chalmers University of Technology.

Autonomous electric trucks launched in Sweden

T-pod, a prototype of a completely autonomous electric truck, was first introduced two years ago by Swedish company Einride. Logistics company DB Schenker expressed great interest in the vehicle, and the truck passed all tests in 2018. It has recently been put to commercial use.

Kymera, an Electric One-man Watercraft for Real Speed Lovers

We all know about electric cars, electric motorcycles and even electric powered aircraft. But what about the water transport?

Nua Electrica – a self-charging electric bike

Nua Bikes is a Spanish company that has recently presented an electric bike that is completely different from its analogue counterparts. Lightweight and compact, it doesn't need to be charged at all - it does everything on its own.

Voxan и motocross rider Max Biaggi to break record on electric motorcycle speed

In 2013, Voxan presented its Wattman electric motorcycle which was instantly named the most powerful in the world. But this title was later taken by other companies, and Voxan could no longer do anything to change that. Until now.

World’s Largest and Most Spacious Electric Bus Presented in China

Chinese company BYD Auto has been manufacturing electric buses for several years. The automaker has recently broken the world record by presenting its new 27-metre vehicle capable of carrying up to 250 passengers.

Scout Pro: A Fully Featured Mountain E-Bike

E-bikes are today’s trend being explored by more and more manufacturers. The championship title within this group of transportation means deservedly belongs to Scout Pro capable of hitting 72 km/h off-road.

Kiwano KO+ continues the famous line of electric scooters

Kiwano owes its popularity to the KO-X gyro scooter. But the manufacturer did not stop there and has released KO-X, a one-wheel electric scooter. The latest device in the line is KO-1+ which we will discuss today.

KillaJoule: world’s fastest electric motorcycle

What is it like to take in the breathtaking Australian scenery from a seat on an electric motorcycle traveling at full speed? Racing driver Eva Hakansson had the chance to find out. And she recorded it all on camera, so we wouldn’t feel bad about missing out.

Harley-Davidson embraces electric power

The legendary brand is famous for its massive loud choppers – motorcycles with elongated frames. But they have to move quickly to ensure their vehicles stay technologically competitive.\n

Hypercars that run on electric motors: they're not as far away as we think

Electric motors will soon be used not only in ordinary cars, but also in racing supercars and premium cars.

Elon Musk Announces Tesla’s New Functionality

With the new Sentry Mode to be introduced soon, as announced by Elon Musk, people will not have to worry about the safety of their vehicles any more.\n

Ducati Plans to Enter Electric Motorcycle Market

Ducati is a leading motorcycle manufacturing company. The company’s products are highly popular in Italy and other countries. Ducati is currently owned by Audi AG corporation, which strengthens its status even...