New high-tech gadgets and devices appear every day and their broad application ranges from mobile communications to exploring other planets. In this section, we write about numerous technical innovations and the ways they can come in handy to you personally. Reviews of exciting new devices and information about where, when and at what price they can be bought. You will find all about it here.

Michelin is launching airless wheels

Michelin is launching airless wheels

Recently, the company revealed the innovative Uptis tire, which has taken sixteen years to develop.
French inventors have developed an electric snow bike

French inventors have developed an electric snow bike

Cyclists can now ride their bikes even in the winter.
Segway-Ninebot launches a robotic GPS assisted lawnmower 

Segway-Ninebot launches a robotic GPS assisted lawnmower 

It can even work at a 45-degree angle!

NASA and Joby Aviation are going to test a flying taxi

Earlier, the company revealed an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft designed specifically for long-distance travel.

A German invention enables you to ride a bike in all weather conditions

The German company RainRider has discovered a way to protect cyclists from snow and rain.

IKEA is releasing a coffee table with a built-in smart air purifier

The air purifier will also be available as a floor-standing version.

Facebook and Ray-Ban are launching smart glasses

The glasses will go on sale later this year.

The first batch of Playdate consoles sells out within minutes

20,000 game consoles sold out in just seventeen minutes.

Leica launches its first-ever smartphone

The company specialises in cameras and optical lenses. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the phone boasts a high-end camera.

Artificial intelligence rejoices as autonomous drones are faster than self-piloting drones

The University of Zurich has developed a new flight path algorithm.

Samsung has released a giant TV display

The 1000-inch device is known as the "Wall".

A state-of-the-art magnetic levitation train has been developed in China

The train can accelerate to an incredible speed of up to 600 km/h.

Heatworks releases the Tetra tabletop dishwasher

The prototype of the dishwasher was first revealed during CES 2018.

Dell Alienware computers are currently prohibited in the USA

The computers are now banned due to new energy efficiency standards.

BMW has revealed ideas for an electric scooter and bike

However, the company does not plan to manufacture them.
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