New high-tech gadgets and devices appear every day and their broad application ranges from mobile communications to exploring other planets. In this section, we write about numerous technical innovations and the ways they can come in handy to you personally. Reviews of exciting new devices and information about where, when and at what price they can be bought. You will find all about it here.

This device generates energy when you walk

This device generates energy when you walk

A special energy harvester is attached to the knee that bears the most strain when walking. The device does not cause any discomfort to its wearer. 
Drones Can Now Spew Flames Like Real Dragons

Drones Can Now Spew Flames Like Real Dragons

Throwflame company has created a flamethrower that can be attached to a drone. The device has multiple applications from burning weeds to destroying wasp nests.
Hopping SpaceBok Robot to Help Explore the Moon

Hopping SpaceBok Robot to Help Explore the Moon

The machine has been developed by a student team from the Swiss Higher School of Technology and Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The device is specifically designed to operate under low gravity conditions.

How Collective Intelligence Will Help Robots Handle Any Task.

EPFL engineers have designed Tribot robots, each of which is useless by itself, but together they are capable of completing most complex tasks.

New Galaxy Note 10 photos surface online

With less than a month left until the smartphone presentation, the manufacturer is releasing new materials to build up users’ anticipation for the device. 

Rumours: Apple to Remove the Notch on iPhone Screen in 2020

The company’s plans in that respect were revealed by a Credit Suisse analyst with reference to Apple’s partners.

British Supercar Getting Ready to Set a New World Record

The world’s fastest car was built back in 2015, but due to financial problems the company that created it has not yet been able to demonstrate its capabilities.

Swedish company builds vintage style life simulator

The toy is called Evoboxx, and it was created by Love Hultén. This Swedish studio recreates games, musical instruments and other tools in a retro style. 

Diver Robot to Search for European Treasures

It will scout for them in flooded mines numbering about 30 thousand in Europe.

Vegebot Agricultural Robot Working on British Garden Beds

The machine was built specifically for harvesting iceberg lettuce. It identifies ripe lettuce heads with 91% accuracy.

One-armed barista: Rostec unveils a new robot

The device was presented on July 8 at the Innoprom exhibition running in Yekaterinburg.

Toyota creates car powered by solar panels

The company is currently finishing laboratory testing. By the end of the month, the automobile will be tested on a proper racetrack. 

Radical Rapture, an Everyday Race Car

Rapture has been developed by a British company Radical Sportscars and presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed held in England.

This Japanese robot uses sticks instead of legs for walking

Don’t let its funny exterior fool you: this device is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning. 

Researchers Create a Sollar Collector That Does Not Lose Heat

The device was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It differs from the previous models in one small detail.
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