New high-tech gadgets and devices appear every day and their broad application ranges from mobile communications to exploring other planets. In this section, we write about numerous technical innovations and the ways they can come in handy to you personally. Reviews of exciting new devices and information about where, when and at what price they can be bought. You will find all about it here.

A drone from the Scottish company Flowcopter can carry loads of up to 100 kg

A drone from the Scottish company Flowcopter can carry loads of up to 100 kg

The heavy-lifting drone is powered by a Rotax hydrocarbon engine. Sometime in the future, the Flowcopter drones will be capable of delivering loads of up to 150 kg across a distance of up to 900 km.
A bouncy, jumping robot has been developed in California

A bouncy, jumping robot has been developed in California

Scientists have based their work on the body structures of kangaroos, frogs, and other jumping animals.
Vertipod tests the 26kg Canop-E electric glider

Vertipod tests the 26kg Canop-E electric glider

The aircraft turned out to be completely ready to sail the skies.

Dyson launches a device to protect you from noise and dust

The Dyson Zone is headphones that are air-purifying and noise-cancelling.

A Chinese company reveals the world's most portable underwater electric scooter

The brainchild of the startup Subnado can fit in a user’s hand!

AirCar gets certified in Slovakia

Klein Vision has been qualified to fly in the country.

The Jetson ONE aircraft is to be mass-produced

The Swedish company Jetson has already received pre-orders for the first batch of 118 aerial vehicles.

Hill Helicopters develops a new generation helicopter

The project perfectly reflects the company's vision of future personal transport.

An E-ink coating enables a car to change colour on demand

BMW recently introduced their iX Flow concept car. It boasts a futuristic body made from E-ink.

Oppo has developed a smart monocle with an integrated display

The Air Glass device was unveiled recently at the annual Inno Day conference.

Scientists develop a camera five-hundred thousand times smaller than a traditional camera

American scientists have made a real breakthrough in nanotechnology.

Africa develops a bird-like plane

Phractyl has unveiled a unique aircraft concept, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

A Japanese TV channel is developing its own virtual assistant

There are very few details about the project. However, what is known, is that it includes the names of multiple technologies: from 5G to metadata, so the project looks very promising.

Lexus unveils its hydrogen-powered vehicle concept

The Lexus ROV is a premium SUV that is a serious competitor to electric vehicles.

Tesla launches a quad bike for children called the Cyberquad

The novelty bike is advertised as an ideal gift for children this Christmas. However, at the moment, it's only available to purchase in the USA.
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