virtual reality

Virtual reality modeling finds applications in a wide range of industries. Entertainment, training simulators, research in astronomy, medicine and other disciplines - all of these areas are gaining new opportunities thanks to VR. Unlike augmented reality, VR is usually a more costly technology. Complete environmental simulation requires a special helmet, audio system and devices for interaction with virtual objects. Meanwhile, AR apps often only require a smartphone. Almost all IT giants, including Microsoft, Apple and Google, have their own virtual reality developments.

Video games are to be used to treat mental disorders

Video games are to be used to treat mental disorders

Video games have long been part of modern culture and everyday life for millions of people worldwide.
Google introduces new VR headset

Google introduces new VR headset

The device is called Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its initial purpose was exclusively gaming, but it is currently positioned as an instrument for surgeons, engineers and other specialists.
VR mistakes to be punished in real life

VR mistakes to be punished in real life

Feedback is an important component of computer games. A recent development at the University of Portsmouth represents a completely new type of in-game interaction. A group of students led by James Bruton built a robot that hits gamers for making mistakes in VR.

Rift S: the new VR headset from Oculus

At a recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Oculus presented a new device, a VR headset called Rift S. It can be purchased for $399, which is much more expensive than the previous VR headset released by Oculus. What will you get for this price?\n

VR will help train soldiers

Virtual reality is most often associated with computer games, which is a shame, because this technology has some very important applications. For example, VR can be used to prepare military personnel for combat.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Human perception is naturally constrained by the physiological limits of our sensory organs. For thousands of years, we’ve been using a variety of instruments to enhance our perception of the world,...

Virtual reality license: how much does the first 8K TV cost?

The Japanese broadcaster NHK launched the first ultra-high definition channel with an 8K resolution on December 1st, 2018. Available only to a limited number of viewers in Tokyo, the new broadcast format...

What Is Virtual Reality?

A VR headset... Anybody who has the slightest knowledge of the Internet must have at least once come across this fancy-looking device. In this article we will discuss how VR works and talk about its already...