artificial intelligence

The creation of thinking machines inspires great optimism in the future of technical progress on the one hand, but it also creates fear for our freedom and safety. However, we are still far from creating really dangerous technologies. Today, artificial intelligence algorithms are too specialized and only capable of solving specific problems. The main operating principle of modern programs involves the application of skills acquired during training using a large data sample in unknown situations. For example, computers can help astronomers find new space objects by analyzing large amounts of data collected using telescopes. Humans are simply incapable of processing these large amounts of data.

The Nvidia neural network turns photos into 3D models

The Nvidia neural network turns photos into 3D models

The company has unveiled a new version of its Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) artificial intelligence.
A British company reveals a robot with incredibly expressive facial expressions

A British company reveals a robot with incredibly expressive facial expressions

Engineered Arts have released a demo video featuring the Ameca robot. In the video, the robot realistically mirrors human emotions.
Collective intelligence will help autonomous cars avoid accidents

Collective intelligence will help autonomous cars avoid accidents

Drivers would be able to look out for each other.

The AR headset is to protect motorcyclists from road accidents

The system can analyse the traffic in real-time.

Scientists Create Patches to Prevent Face Recognition by AI

Many countries are extensively implementing face recognition video surveillance systems. Such a measure, in their opinion, can protect the public from crime, but many civil society representatives see them as a threat to their freedoms and are looking for ways to bypass the ubiquitous tracking system.

Adobe creates artificial intelligence removing entire objects from video clips

Almost every computer user has heard about the Adobe Photoshop software. The digital giant has recently presented its innovation, which will allow the company to gain a stronger foothold in the visual editors market.

Looking for a Violin Teacher? Take a Couple of Lessons from this AI

Spanish scientists from Pompeu Fabra University have created artificial intelligence that can play the violin. The developers have not yet decided whether the programme should teach music or engage in concert activity.

Artificial intelligence has learned to generate human faces

The word combination "neural network" has become quite fashionable, but most people only know in theory what it stands for. Site, created to work with the StyleGAN neural network, is a pleasant exception.

Artificial Intelligence looses to a human

The Project Debater Programme from IBM is intended to prove its opinion in debates with humans. Last summer it gained an impressive victory over TV anchor Dan Zafir but met with a more challenging opponent a few days ago.\n

Artificial intelligence has learned to create seasonings

Artificial intelligence "ONE", created by IBM Corporation jointly with food producer McCormick & Company, has already invented several types of flavors that will reach the market this year.\n

Harvard scientists have created an ultramodern exoskeleton

The device’s main advantage over its peers is the ability to adapt to user specifics.\n

Smart prostheses are around the corner

New artificial limbs based on AI technology will allow them to adapt to the needs of their users.

Insects to Help Create IA

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) has announced a competition to create a model of the nervous system of a gadfly (a winged insect). The prize fund is $1...

The startup Atomwise has attracted $45 million to search for new drugs using AI

Founded in 2012, the startup Atomwise develops neural networks for the search for new drugs. The creators believe that the methods of deep machine learning can save time and money on the development of drugs...

Google AI allows you to change the background in “YouTube Stories”

The creation of high-quality clips in which the characters are on an unusual, changing, or simply a monochrome background requires studio conditions: everyone has heard about the green (sometimes blue)...