Entertainment is one of the most lucrative industries. That’s why all IT giants are trying to invest in games. During the past ten years, the market has significantly developed. Today, manufacturers try to use almost all new technologies: virtual and augmented reality, neural networks and even cryptocurrencies and mining are used in games. The success of developer studios often hinges on gamers that get excited about new games or updates to existing ones. And although it’s just a type of entertainment for most people, there are also professionals - cybersport players that refine their skills before participating in various tournaments.

You don't sleep at night? Get yourself a Pokémon!

You don't sleep at night? Get yourself a Pokémon!

Pokémon Go has already managed to make millions of people go in search of virtual creatures, but it will now help them to go to bed in time. The fact is that the developers have presented a new gadget Pokémon Go Plus Plus, which will reward players for a good sleep.
Minecraft Earth to follow the success of Pokemon Go

Minecraft Earth to follow the success of Pokemon Go

Ten years ago, the famous game of Minecraft was first released. When celebrating this anniversary, Microsoft announced the upcoming summer release of Minecraft Earth: a new game within this game universe that would actively use augmented reality technology.
Mousegun, a New Type of Gamepad for Shooters

Mousegun, a New Type of Gamepad for Shooters

Chinese manufacturer Ragnok has presented a new type of a game controller. The gadget is designed exclusively for shooters, first-person games involving a lot of shooting. The device is designed as a hybrid of a vertical joystick and a pistol.

How technology transformed the gaming industry

For decades, the development of the gaming industry has been closely linked with scientific discoveries and novelties in the world of computing technologies. Let’s take a look at how the evolution of engineering impacted the development of the entertainment industry.

The first images of Google’s new gamepad are online

Previously, the mass media outlets reported on the company's plans to conquer the video game market. In particular, it is going to release its own streaming service Project Stream to compete with similar projects from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Robots can now play Jenga

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is famous for extensive research in the emerging field of robotics. This time, they taught a robot to play Jenga.

Not just computer games: Blockchain and the entertainment industry

The growing popularity of blockchain is attracting technology gurus who are looking for new and unique niches and opportunities for its further development and use. Thus, an innovation and a kind...

How the blockchain tech influence online gambling industry

The gambling itself has always been the engaging activity for masses — the stories of people losing fortunes were perhaps not less significant that the rare winner’s one. In the digital age many platforms...

A new generation of Xbox: a powerful console for old-school players and a cloud solution for all devices

Microsoft is preparing two versions of a next-generation game console under the working title “Scarlett”. It seems that the company intends to attract new users and at the same time not to lose their old...

Microsoft buys the startup PlayFab, to win the online games market

The gaming industry is moving away from desktop solutions to cloud services that do not require expensive personal computers with high-end components. The computation of complex graphics and physics in games...

The classic comes back! Nintendo announced release of the legendary NES in summer 2018

The premiere of  Nintendo Switch has not cooled yet but the company already announced the release of another console in the summer 2018. But it will not be a brand new console, it will be an old new NES...