In the XXI century, humanity is hard at work trying to adapt the airspace for private use. Major air companies and small startups alike are working on creating their own aircraft. Each year sees the introduction of ever more sophisticated working prototypes and even commercial models entering the market. Small vehicles that can carry several passengers across a relatively small distance are particularly gaining traction. Flying city taxis are a popular field of development. For example, Uber and NASA are working on a similar project together. Autonomous flying vehicles are another promising area. Facebook, Google and other big players are building their own versions.

The UAE Hosted the First Ever Jet Suit Race in Dubai

The UAE Hosted the First Ever Jet Suit Race in Dubai

The main sponsor and organiser of the tournament was Gravity Industries, a company founded by inventor Richard Browning.
How do robonauts work?

How do robonauts work?

As the latest technologies improve and develop, more and more experiments and various other studies are being carried out by robots.
Lithuania develops a drone to intercept other drones

Lithuania develops a drone to intercept other drones

Inventor Aleksey Zaitsevsky has developed an Interceptor device capable of capturing other drones.

Vertipod tests the 26kg Canop-E electric glider

The aircraft turned out to be completely ready to sail the skies.

AirCar gets certified in Slovakia

Klein Vision has been qualified to fly in the country.

The Jetson ONE aircraft is to be mass-produced

The Swedish company Jetson has already received pre-orders for the first batch of 118 aerial vehicles.

The Gravity Industries Jet Suit was recently tested by the military

The test occurred during a recent NATO exercise in Slovenia.

Hill Helicopters develops a new generation helicopter

The project perfectly reflects the company's vision of future personal transport.

Africa develops a bird-like plane

Phractyl has unveiled a unique aircraft concept, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Fully electric air taxi Volocopter 2X completes its first manned flight

The event was part of the "Open the Urban Sky" campaign held by South Korea's Ministry for Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Australis holds an octocopter practice race 

It was a test flight rather than flying with live pilots onboard.

China appears to be developing drones from Soviet fighter jets

The country's air force seems to be giving a second life to out-of-service fighter jets and converting them into modern weapons.

Flying motorcycles will go on sale in Japan for $680,000

A.L.I. Technologies are going to start deliveries of the flying motorcycle during the first half of 2022.

The Jetson Aero One aircraft are sold out

The Swedish company has now sold all of their twelve multicopters. However, a new consignment won’t be available until 2023 at the earliest.

Tetra Aviation plans to put the Mk-5 SN2 into mass production

The Japanese company expects to start deliveries of the electric aircraft as early as 2022.
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