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New discoveries, ideas and trends are, doubtless, very valuable in themselves. But we have the opportunity to use their benefits only thanks to the people who know how to turn exotic technologies into generally accessible ones. In this section we write about startups, entrepreneurs and companies that use breakthrough business models and make money using forward-looking technologies. Their names, what they are busy with, how they make money and what they do to achieve success. You will find all about it here.

The jacket for any occasion, including an apocalypse

The jacket for any occasion, including an apocalypse

British clothing brand Vollebak has released a jacket that the company says will help you survive anything, even an apocalypse.
The UK creates an "invisible shield"

The UK creates an "invisible shield"

A new campaign on Kickstarter will appeal to all those who dreamt of having superpowers when they were kids.
An underwater battery has been developed in the Netherlands

An underwater battery has been developed in the Netherlands

The battery will store electricity generated by wind turbines.

Xtreme RC unveils the XRC Brawler amphibious tank

The vehicle combines outstanding performance with high off-road ability, making it one of the most appealing models in the market.

A citizen from Antigua and Barbuda wins two free tickets for a flight into space

The winner has already promised to share her flight impressions on social media.

Heinz makes ketchup from tomatoes grown in Martian conditions

To achieve this, the company built a unique greenhouse known as the "Redhouse", where it planted tomatoes which subsequently became the basis for its sauce.

Australis holds an octocopter practice race 

It was a test flight rather than flying with live pilots onboard.

An ISS analogue will be built by 2030

In connection with the imminent decommissioning of the International Space Station, several companies have chosen to launch a commercial "business park in orbit".

NASA recruits astronauts using an interactive comic strip

To attract new recruits, the agency has released a graphic novel with augmented reality.

Marc Lore wants to build a new city

Bjarke Ingels Group is set to develop the project.

A Swiss company plans to build an innovative energy storage system

The project has already received $100 million in funding. An American business is a major donor.

The new Snap Camera filter transforms users into cartoon characters

With the latest update, users can become their favourite cartoon characters from DreamWorks and Pixar.

10 start-ups that are soaring

A selection of epic success stories, from space to social media.

Samuel Reid wants to start advertising in space

The Canadian company will carry out the project in collaboration with SpaceX.

Top 10 start-up failures

Management mistakes, bad advertising, misunderstanding of consumer needs, etc… Today we have a march-past of projects that could unlock their potential, but ultimately failed.
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