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New discoveries, ideas and trends are, doubtless, very valuable in themselves. But we have the opportunity to use their benefits only thanks to the people who know how to turn exotic technologies into generally accessible ones. In this section we write about startups, entrepreneurs and companies that use breakthrough business models and make money using forward-looking technologies. Their names, what they are busy with, how they make money and what they do to achieve success. You will find all about it here.

Marc Lore wants to build a new city

Marc Lore wants to build a new city

Bjarke Ingels Group is set to develop the project.
A Swiss company plans to build an innovative energy storage system

A Swiss company plans to build an innovative energy storage system

The project has already received $100 million in funding. An American business is a major donor.
The new Snap Camera filter transforms users into cartoon characters

The new Snap Camera filter transforms users into cartoon characters

With the latest update, users can become their favourite cartoon characters from DreamWorks and Pixar.

10 start-ups that are soaring

A selection of epic success stories, from space to social media.

Samuel Reid wants to start advertising in space

The Canadian company will carry out the project in collaboration with SpaceX.

Top 10 start-up failures

Management mistakes, bad advertising, misunderstanding of consumer needs, etc… Today we have a march-past of projects that could unlock their potential, but ultimately failed.

An American rapper buys a planet

The legitimacy of the transaction, however, raises doubts.

A Spiral shaped house has been printed in Canada

The shape of the building relates to the so-called golden ratio, which is why it has been nicknamed "the Fibonacci house".

Richard Branson is giving away two Spaceplane tickets

The cost of just one trip is $250,000.

The deepest swimming pool in the world welcomes visitors

Dubai's new attraction is designed to entertain freediving fans.

Facebook Messenger is introducing Sound emojis

Through utilising Soundmojis technology, users will be able to express their feelings even more clearly.

The GB Operator console allows you to play Game Boy games on your computer

The arrival of the GB Operator once again indicates a definite trend towards retro gaming.

Splach Transformer is launching an all-terrain motorbike-like scooter

Next month, the California-based start-up is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for an off-road motorbike-like scooter.

Space Perspective will be offering tourists a flight on a space balloon

The very first flight of the Neptune balloon is scheduled for 2024.

The Start-up CharaChorder develops a keyboard that can type entire words

CharaChorder Lite promises to be the most sophisticated fast typing device.
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