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New discoveries, ideas and trends are, doubtless, very valuable in themselves. But we have the opportunity to use their benefits only thanks to the people who know how to turn exotic technologies into generally accessible ones. In this section we write about startups, entrepreneurs and companies that use breakthrough business models and make money using forward-looking technologies. Their names, what they are busy with, how they make money and what they do to achieve success. You will find all about it here.

McDonald's trialling plant-based McPlant burgers

McDonald's trialling plant-based McPlant burgers

The people of Denmark and Sweden are the first to enjoy the McPlant.
Nike to launch trainers, that you can put on without having to use your hands

Nike to launch trainers, that you can put on without having to use your hands

Initially, Go FlyEase was specifically designed for athletes with disabilities. Then a considerable number of customers demonstrated an interest in the trainers.
Pixeloco – AR-shooter in real life

Pixeloco – AR-shooter in real life

Pixeloco is working on a new format video game that will combine augmented reality, game controllers, and combats on real streets.

Basic ways to finance your project: the differences between ICO and crowdfunding

The modern digital world has witnessed the creation of fundraising platforms due to the growing need for real opportunities for developing small private businesses, as well as the financing of innovative ideas that have come to us via the internet.

OPSYS is looking for a gamer for a salary of $41,000.

In addition to this, the British startup will provide the gamer with a powerful custom-built computer.

Saudi Arabia to build NEOM, the city of the future without roads

The project’s main feature is its unusual layout, which has a thin 170-km long line. 

Reasonance, a Russian startup company, has developed a wireless TV

The device was unveiled at CES 2021.

Your money will always be safe with a Cashew Smart wallet

Cashew is the world's first smart wallet that can recall up to twenty different fingerprints.

WowCube - a new generation of Rubik's cube

WowCube from CubiOs Inc is a new gaming device invented by Savva and Ilya Osipovs. The console will debut at the CES 2021 Innovation Awards next year. 

CX Air Dynamics develops inflatable motorcycle pants

Car owners are protected from getting hurt in an accident by seat belts and airbags, but what can motorcyclists use to avoid getting injured?

France creates a console for board games 

The game combines all the best elements of traditional board games and video games.

Virgin Hyperloop successfully performs tests with passengers on board

Hyperloop is an entirely new form of transport invented by the entrepreneur Elon Musk. The project is being implemented by Virgin Hyperloop.

A space tourism centre is scheduled to be built in Japan

This ambitious multifunctional facility will be in Tokyo Bay.

The best platforms to launch online courses in 2020

Every year the transition to distance learning is becoming more and more widespread. Experts believe that by 2025 the niche of online education will be estimated at 325 billion dollars! Already today the industry is considered one of the most popular and highly profitable for launching and running a business.

Music startup Endel raises $5 million

The leading investor in the music project is American entrepreneur Kevin Rose.
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