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For most modern people, their entire lives are linked with their smartphones. Work, business, communication with friends and family, entertainment - there are thousands of apps for all these things. This market is constantly growing: while certain apps gain popularity, others are rendered obsolete. Developers are trying to create a comfortable and functional environment for users in order to withstand competition. Some companies specialize in app development. But today, almost all electronics manufacturers develop their own device management software. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a refrigerator, a TV or a smart home system - either way, there will be a new mobile app for it on your phone.

Top 10 start-up failures

Top 10 start-up failures

Management mistakes, bad advertising, misunderstanding of consumer needs, etc… Today we have a march-past of projects that could unlock their potential, but ultimately failed.
New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

After the official presentation for Galaxy S10, new details about the smartphone have emerged. Experts have confirmed that the phone will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, a feature that was discussed before to the official release.

3Doodler: 3D painting application

3Doodlers app from WobbleWorks makes creating 3D pictures easier than ever before. All you need to do to make a large item is to circle the stencil on your tablet screen. The software is available for download on Android and iOS.

Viber and WhatsApp get updated

WhatsApp focuses efforts on security, Viber gets a new design and messaging without phone numbers.\n

Mobile Application to Detect Overdoses

US scientists have developed an application dubbed «Second Chance» which is able to detect an opioid overdose. It measures a patient’s respiratory rate and compares the values obtained to those that occur...

Uber plans to integrate the London bus timetable and subway map into its application

After the renewal of the license in London, the company tries to win back its position in the local market\n

Is your Iphone really that safe and why no antivirus exists for iOS

In era of gadgets and technologies widespread distribution, the desire for security and protection of user’s confidential personal data has taken on a truly global scale. If we take a look at 30 years ago, and...

The Shape application will teach you how to invest in accordance with ethical principles

The English startup Shape has released a beta version of its iOS application which will help to trade not only under the laws of the market, but also taking into account ethical principles. The service is...

MoviePass monitors users' locations

Speaking at the Hollywood financial forum, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said that the company collects information about the location of its customers. The service MoviePass sells tickets to visit movie theatres...

AR-application helps to choose a picture for the interior, online retailer of paintings and posters has added to its app the function that helps to choose a picture or picture set fitting exactly to your home or office. It is not always clear what the...

Robinhood developed an application for cryptotrading without fees

Robinhood developed a mobile platform for buying and selling BitCoin and Etherium with no transaction fees. The service will start working in February 2018. The fintech start-up Robinhood  appeared in 2012...

Three mobile applications for crypto maniacs

A demand is first, then comes an application. This is how any market segment approximately develops. And the cryptocurrency market is no exception. The explosive interest in the cryptocurrencies, the rapid...

WhatsApp officially launches its business application in several countries

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users across the world. Many companies use the messenger to interact with their customers, for example, on technical support matters. Since the messenger was originally created for...

The application for Android from Snowden is to protect from shadowing

After his escape from the United States in 2013, Edward Snowden does not use a mobile phone anymore. Taking such strict measures to ensure his security, a former employee of the NSA continues to study the...