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The most advanced technologies in the service of medicine are a key to raising the average life expectancy and improving people’s quality of life.
\nIn this section we write about the ways innovations help doctors to provide treatment to people and prevent dangerous diseases, as well as to improve and enrich what nature has endowed us with. New medicines, treatment and medical research methods, as well as information about biotechnology and its integration with traditional technologies - you will find all about it here.

Jaguar Land Rover develops a seat to keep drivers’ muscles in good shape

Jaguar Land Rover develops a seat to keep drivers’ muscles in good shape

Long trips often lead to hypodynamia - muscle weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle. Jaguar Land Rover has created a car seat to help prevent this.
Upright Go 2 will take care of your posture

Upright Go 2 will take care of your posture

Regularly working at the computer and a lack of physical activity can have a detrimental effect on your posture. The compact Upright Go 2 device can help modern people maintain their health. 
Budget prosthetics for children created with 3D printing

Budget prosthetics for children created with 3D printing

This task was completed by a team of researchers from the University of Lincoln led by Dr Khaled Goher. 

Watch your smile with the Y-Brush from Fas Teesh.

The device needs just 10 seconds to completely clean your teeth.

British neurosurgeon believes that human head transplants may become a reality by 2030

A successful transplant of a person’s head will involve placing his/her entire spinal cord into another body.

Even a 15-minute nap improves brain function

Scientists showed a direct relationship between normal sleep and health indicators in a new study. 

CRISPR technology has helped cure hereditary blood diseases

Due to changes in genetic information, the patient's cells began to produce the children's form of hemoglobin instead of the adult one.

A new pacemaker equipped with artificial intelligence will combat cardiac insufficiency

The device has a built-in neural network that will improve heart function by 20%.

Germany makes measles vaccination compulsory

Violators of the law will be fined 2500 euros.

A new cancer treatment method is created

An international team of scientists has created a new cancer treatment method. The therapy’s main advantage is that it has practically no effect on the healthy cells, which means that more conditions can be treated.

Scientists Find a Method to Kill HIV

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have found a way to kill “dormant” human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Scientists Create a Compact Device to Stimulate Hair Growth

Electrotrichogenesis is a traditional method of hair growth stimulation using an electric field. The main disadvantage of devices based on this principle is their large dimensions. Luckily, scientists were able to create a device that is small but effective.

Chicago company prints miniature human heart 

3D printing of tissues for transplant organs is one of the most promising areas in contemporary medicine. American company BIOLIFE4D has recently made another advancement in this area by creating a miniature copy of a human heart with the same structure as the real organ. 

An Indian surgeon performs the first ever remote heart surgery

The sensational event would not have occurred but for the robot-surgeon CorPath GRX. The device was operated by Dr. Tejas Patel from the Institute of Cardiology in Ahmadabad 35 km away from the operating room.

Scientists create a light exoskeleton for jogging

Scientists at Harvard University and the University of Nebraska have developed an ultra-lightweight skeleton. Despite its compact size, the exoskeleton is extremely efficient.
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