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The most advanced technologies in the service of medicine are a key to raising the average life expectancy and improving people’s quality of life.
\nIn this section we write about the ways innovations help doctors to provide treatment to people and prevent dangerous diseases, as well as to improve and enrich what nature has endowed us with. New medicines, treatment and medical research methods, as well as information about biotechnology and its integration with traditional technologies - you will find all about it here.

Innovative technology helps to get paralytics on their feet

Innovative technology helps to get paralytics on their feet

The technology for restoring neurons has only been tested on mice; however, scientists plan to conduct human research.
Israel discovers how to extract water from the air

Israel discovers how to extract water from the air

Thanks to a filtration system, the water is completely drinkable.
Californian scientists test a unique artificial kidney

Californian scientists test a unique artificial kidney

The prototype organ can mimic haemodialysis.

LG provides the PuriCare mask with a microphone and speaker

Now the facemask can purify the air without causing inconvenience when making phone calls.

An ultrasound patch can help to prevent heart attacks

The patch sends ultrasonic impulses into the human body and can report heart problems.

The Elite Rizer is an extremely realistic exercise bike

The bike has a feature that makes training not only more fun but also more effective.

A text-based neuroprosthesis has been developed in the USA

The neuroprosthesis can convert brain signals into text.

An Israeli company can detect COVID-19 by analysing a person’s voice

Using the VocalisCheck mobile app, Israel has learnt how to diagnose the Coronavirus by listening to a patient’s voice with an accuracy rate of 81%.

European scientists create a device that can make older people feel happier

The Nestore Personal Device has been designed to support the physical and mental health of the elderly.

Israeli start-up CorNeat recovers the sight of a blind man

This has been made possible thanks to a synthetic cornea developed by CorNeat. The startup doesn’t use donor tissue and electronic devices in the implant.

The Paris emergency services puts its staff on e-bikes

French medical staff switches to Emergency Bikes. The vehicle has been developed by Wunderman Thompson Paris and ECox Enterprises, with the involvement of Urban Arrow.

Google’s new programme Project Guideline will enable low-vision people to run unguided

Project Guideline’s artificial intelligence is designed to replace guide dogs. The programme is still in the early stages of development.

Medical diagnostics with the help of a smartphone: six applications

The first iPhone was released in 2007. Since then, smartphones have replaced dozens of other devices, but what are their prospects in medicine?

Top 10 medical discoveries of the past 5 years

Medicine does not stand still, even though many global issues have not yet been resolved. Dozens of discoveries are made every year have changed the very idea of what treatment a person can  receive for various diseases. You don't believe it? We have compiled a list of 10 medical discoveries of the past 5 years that could become major milestones.

A Japanese amusement park forbids its visitors to scream

As it turned out, this measure is aimed at combating coronavirus.
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