neural network

Artificial neural networks are modeled after biological neural connections in our brains. Except in this case, instead of cells, processors (artificial neurons) interact with each other. Neural networks are gaining an ever increasing number of applications - in computer vision systems, for modeling physical and chemical interactions, for meteorological and seismological predictions. NVIDIA recently developed an algorithm that could completely transform video footage. For example, if the initial clip shows snow in the streets, the program can change the image to make it look like summertime. The development of neural networks is closely related to the development of artificial intelligence systems.

French Scientists Create Glass That Helps You Save on Air Conditioning.

French Scientists Create Glass That Helps You Save on Air Conditioning.

That will be particularly useful in countries with warm climates.
GPT-4 AI language model can think like a human

GPT-4 AI language model can think like a human

The upgraded AI-powered language model, dubbed GPT-4, scored 297 on the bar exam, outperforming the average score by 7%.

Why are neural networks needed in a city, and will the data be transmitted to the government?

Companies compete for customers, while cities compete for residents.

Interesting facts about neural networks: the history of their creation and use in the modern world

Do you use Siri on your iPhone? Just to let you know, it is a neural network! What about Yandex Station? It is a neural network, too. The technology behind facial recognition in CCTV cameras is also a neural network. This includes artificial intelligence, whether small or hidden inside some services.

The History of Neural Networks: Three Neuro revolutions

Did you know that the principle of neural networks was already formulated over the last century?

New neural network enables editing of announcer speech

Adobe Research has joined forces with scientists from Stanford University and Max Planck Institute to develop a program that can alter speech recorded on video. The development will help cut expenses on video clip recording.

New Whiskey Blend Developed by Neural Network to Hit the Market

Artificial intelligence is able to perform increasingly diverse tasks. As technologies have advanced this far, a computer was entrusted with the task of developing a new blend of whiskey in Sweden. The work will be performed by Swedish developers in partnership with Microsoft.

Neural Network Learns to Translate Brain Signals into Speech

Artificial intelligence developed by scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, has learned to translate human lip movements into speech. What is surprising, is that it works, even if a person does not move his lips, but only thinks about it.

Neural network makes heavy metal music in real-time

The project created by Boston-based developers CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski is called Dadabots. They are currently working on teaching artificial intelligence to make music, most notably - to write death metal songs.

A neural network to determine children’s age of by their eye movement  

Artificial intelligence’ main advantage over human intelligence is its accuracy and attention to detail. Scientists from the University of Minnesota have once again confirmed the fact by creating software capable to determine a child age based on his or her eye movement.

Speedgate: a new sport created by a neural network

Most sports are rooted in traditional craft and leisure activities practiced by peoples around the world, but there are also some sports that were invented on purpose. Speedgate, a game that was recently created by a neural network, falls in the latter category.

GauGAN neural network will transform your bad drawings into masterpieces

This isn’t the first time scientists are exploring artificial intelligence for improving photographs or creating portraits and still life paintings, but the GauGAN neural network is much more advanced than the others. This development offers startling possibilities.

Neural network creates work of art, to be sold at auction

A particularly curious lot will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London today: an artwork created by artificial intelligence. The estimated price of the exhibit makes it competitive with the finest paintings created by history’s greatest artists.

DeepSqueak neural network will learn the language of rats

The DeepSqueak algorithm developed by American scientists will be used to analyze ultrasonic signals made by rats. This will bring us closer to a better understanding of their communication patterns.\n