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Become a soccer player with augmented reality

Become a soccer player with augmented reality

Chelsea Football Club and IT company Chelsea Digital Ventures have created a VR app for teaching soccer. Now anyone can take professional training.
Xiaomi anniversary: ​​a completely transparent TV launched in China

Xiaomi anniversary: ​​a completely transparent TV launched in China

The novelty is called Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition. Besides the see-through screen, the TV can boast a 55-inch panel.
Robot builder Hadrian X has finished building its first house

Robot builder Hadrian X has finished building its first house

This experimental building will be part of a new housing estate in Dayton, Western Australia.
A Japanese amusement park forbids its visitors to scream

A Japanese amusement park forbids its visitors to scream

As it turned out, this measure is aimed at combating coronavirus.
A mobile robot chemist has been created in the UK

A mobile robot chemist has been created in the UK

The autonomous robot can independently plan and perform experiments. The device has been designed to help scientists who want to eliminate routine tasks.

Festo continues to make progress in creating bionic robots

The German company Festo has introduced a new generation of devices.

ESA shows the most beautiful crater on Mars

The European Space Agency has presented a video of a flight over Korolev crater. The view is unbelievable!

Cinera Edge — Compact IMAX Cinema

A VR headset-like gadget is capable of rendering 5K image quality and Dolby Surround sound.

Scientists have created a new kind of touch-sensitive surface

Now you can turn almost anything into a touchscreen, by merely putting Protospray on top of any necessary surface.

Bioengineers have developed a glove which converts sign language into speech

The idea was developed by staff at the University of California in Los Angeles. The device tracks a user's movements, converting them into speech.

Edge Innovations have created an animatronic robot dolphin

The company founded by Walter Conti has developed a robot intended to replace animals in zoos and dolphinariums.

Harmony SHR-exoskeleton used for fighting strokes

Exoskeletons can perform a variety of different functions. Recently, a device has emerged that helps patients cope with the consequences of a stroke.

A New York startup has created a new system based on hydroponics technology that grows plants without soil

This has become possible thanks to innovative Terraplanter technology developed by the eponymously titled American startup, of the same name.

The Atlanta Botanic garden has recruited a SlothBot robot

The SlothBot aims to observe nature, contributing to the conservation of rare plants and animals.

AI learns how to take a simple sketch and turn it into a completed portrait

China has created an advanced analogue of pix2pixHD and Lines2FacePhoto programmes. The mission of the neural network is to help artists with their work.

SpaceX is about to launch a supersonic transport system

It’s become apparent that the famous space Corporation SpaceX has set its sights on Earth. The company intends to use hypersonic missiles for transcontinental transportation.

Swiss engineers teach Ascento 2 how to climb stairs

The Ascento robot was developed at the ETH Polytechnic Institute in Zurich. The second-generation device has superior balancing skills.

Korean scientists develop an unusual mole-inspired robot

The roboteers were inspired by the work of their European and African colleagues.' work. 

A robotic auxiliary arm was introduced in Canada

The device will help us faster perform simple tasks such as picking fruit from a tree.

Australia creates Hadrian X, a bricklaying robot

The company’s representatives are sure that the machine can already compete with human personnel.

Spot Robot becomes a shepherd in New Zealand

Now the machine can connect to the cloud, so it can be controlled by a remote operator.

Japanese scientists create an inflatable motorcycle

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo has developed a vehicle that can be easily carried in a backpack.

New technology allows you to replicate existing objects into digital format

An augmented reality-based application will save time you would have spent working in Photoshop and other graphic editors. 

Miso Robotics Develops Flippy, the Robot Chef

The device has built-in artificial intelligence, which allows it to easily replace a living chef.
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