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Cryptocurrency is a buzz word, but it is very difficult to grasp because of a great number of nuances, opinions and omissions. In many people's minds, it is a synonym of blockchain, while crypto is, in fact, only one of the products based on it. In this section we write about various coins, crypto markets and crypto exchanges, as well as the numerous applications of blockchain. How it works, what opportunities it offers and what dangers it hides; the way the industry is going to develop in the near future. You will find all about it here.

Блокчейн будут использовать на выборах в Москве

Blockchain to be used in Moscow election

The initiative was proposed by Moscow City Council. They proposed a bill under which the counting of votes would be done using blockchain.
Новый смартфон от Samsung имеет встроенный криптокошелек

New Samsung smartphone features built-in crypto wallet

After the official presentation for Galaxy S10, new details about the smartphone have emerged. Experts have confirmed that the phone will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, a feature that was discussed before to the official release.
Крупный американский банк запускает собственную криптовалюту

Major American bank to launch own cryptocurrency

A lot of people think that the cryptocurrency market is dead, but JPMorgan top management clearly doesn’t agree. In fact, the bank has recently announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

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