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MPC Film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘The Lion King’ 

MPC Film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘The Lion King’ 

It’s safe to say that ‘The Lion King’ is a fine example of contemporary animation. Now, fans are interested in going beyond the final product to immerse themselves in its creation process. 
Sega mobile app virtually transports you to Japan 

Sega mobile app virtually transports you to Japan 

The Sega Catcher Online app has been released on mobile platforms. The app will allow users to remotely play on real claw machines in Japan. 
You can control iHaper DL1 desk lamp with your voice

You can control iHaper DL1 desk lamp with your voice

No desk is complete without a nice desk lamp. iHaper DL1 Smart offers the best of both worlds: excellent lighting for your workspace and an instant understanding of what you want to communicate.

Breathe clean air with the Atmos Faceware mask

The product is being promoted as a respiratory equipment and a fashion accessory that will complement any look.

Go mosquito hunting with a Bzigo laser detector 

Many interesting inventions were shown at CES 2020.  Among them is an innovative system for finding insects in your apartment. 

Go Dogo takes care of your pet when you are not around

Many dog ​​owners are forced to constantly leave their pets. Training and entertainment system Go Dogo will be able to take care of pets in their absence.

Hyundai presents S-A1 flying taxi

The vehicle concept was unveiled at CES 2020. It was initially built for Uber’s Project Elevate.

Toyota announces plans for ‘city of the future’ in Japan

The new city has been given the name Woven City. The ambitious project will be launched in 2021. 

Apple Reports Results for 4Q 2019: Wearables and iPad Break Sales Records

The main growth in the last quarter of the year was accounted for by wearable gadgets, such as Apple Watches and AirPods, as well as iPads, whereas iPhone and Mac sales went down.

Encompass to Make Your Teeth Snow-white in Seconds

The oral cavity accumulates an enormous amount of bacteria, therefore, teeth need proper care. Unfortunately, quite often we do not have time for it, but with an Encompass toothbrush you will not need more than 20 seconds.

What will the world's first hotel for computer gamers look like?

Nipponbashi district in Osaka, Japan, will soon get a new crowd-drawer - an unusual Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace. What surprises will the unusual structure hold for its visitors? 

Morgan Stanley Experts Predict a Rise in SpaceX Value to $120 Bn

The company's prospects are primarily dependent on how successful the launch of its Starlink project will be. If SpaceX fails to implement it, its value may become by an order of magnitude less.

Grocery giant Tyson Foods invests in artificial meat manufacturing 

The company has recently revealed plans to invest funds into a startup called New Wave Foods. The company is based in Silicon Valley, specializing in the production of alternative shrimp. 

DreamGlass Air – new augmented reality glasses from Dreamworld AR

Dreamworld AR has launched a new device on Kickstarter – AR glasses projecting a 200-inch virtual screen a few meters in front of a user’s eyes. The gadget integrates with any smartphones, tablet PCs, computers and even game consoles.

Robot Dasha to Be Able to Perfectly Model Human-like Speech in 2025

Employees of Novosibirsk State University reported on their plans to improve the robotic interlocutor developed by them. To remind our readers, Dasha is the world’s first robot that can talk almost like a human.