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An international educational platform enters the market in four languages

An international educational platform enters the market in four languages

by Hitecher

Lectera is an international online platform with many educational modules. We write every module in a way that will help the user raise their income.

Lectera is an international online platform with many educational modules. We write every module in a way that will help the user raise their income.

A large-scale educational platform, Lectera, will soon enter the international market. It was designed specifically to address the urgent problems of online learning. The Lectera educational platform was set up to educate students about money - "learn to earn." The educational modules of the platform contain a lot of practical information in many different areas which are primarily aimed at developing skills and will allow students to use their newly gained knowledge, skills, and abilities to increase their income. Soon, the platform will be available in a beta version and within a few months it will enter the key markets of the world.

It is based on a fundamentally new methodology for developing skills. Learning on the Lectera platform is easily adaptable and scalable for the B2B and B2C segments. The platform offers practical products for individual and, in the future, corporate subscribers who need to quickly acquire new skills in order to be competitive and get ahead in their markets. Responding to the modern consumer’s request, these products are convenient to use and affordable, but the Lectera platform is unique in other ways: for the first time, online training is based on a fundamentally new quick learning methodology specially developed by Lectera professionals. It is this methodology that allows the company to create new tools for obtaining key information as soon as possible.

Educational experts have long been saying that most materials for traditional academic studies are impractical because they contain too much theoretical knowledge that cannot be applied in real life. They recognize that technology can change this situation and the approach to learning, making it more pragmatic. According to the director general and founder of Lectera, Mila Semeshkina, the educational platform's team understand that most consumers today do not need a theory that is divorced from life, they are often not interested in the causes and origins of something — they need quality information that can be quickly and easily used to increase their income and career growth. Therefore, the platform is designed and structured precisely as an answer to these needs — for both individual users and corporations.

Lectera online training is a course that consists of 8-10 individual modules that last for 15-20 minutes, as well as other training formats, which are based on video content. Additional training materials have been developed for video lessons, including tests for checking knowledge. All training materials are available in 4 languages - English, Spanish, German, and Russian. Such a multilingual educational platform is a rarity, since the specially designed video lessons and training materials and their adaptation to the markets of different countries is extremely costly and time consuming. Of course, there are very few educational projects that are ready to do such complex and expensive work. Lectera is one of the few platforms whose creators decided to take on the task of customizing thousands of hours of video and hundreds of thousands of pages of text. A large team of experts from many different countries around the world are working on it.

Lectera is a group of companies with three headquarters: in the USA, UAE, and Russia. This structure should allow the platform to simultaneously develop evenly in all markets, meeting the training needs of all regions of the world. “Over the course of several years, we plan to customize the platform into 20 languages in order to be as useful as possible to as many countries and language groups as possible. We decided to start with the four main languages of the world, and by the middle of 2020 we will add Hindi. Each new language is a very serious investment, and we carefully analyze the needs of the markets of different countries before starting the localization process”, commented Mila Semeshkina.

Lectera courses contain only a minimum of necessary theoretical knowledge, and most of the lessons are devoted to the development of practical skills. Thus, users get the opportunity to quickly learn information, master new skills, and immediately begin to put them into practice; accelerating their professional growth, their career, and their income.

Given the current and future changes in the educational model, knowing a users' need for new high-tech educational products well, the Lectera team has developed an accelerated training system in several areas: Sales, Business, Financial Literacy, Soft Skills, Network Marketing, and others. The company estimates that by the end of the year, will have several thousand courses and other training formats in four languages. At the same time, all of these courses will help to increase users' income.

And now, the best part! Lectera’s efforts are not only aimed at developing new educational tools for personal and corporate training, without the extra theory and confusion inherent in traditional training systems, but they also make this training inexpensive. Moreover, various programs are available, including the Lectera Partnership Motivation Program, which encourages participants to invite friends, acquaintances, and family members to start their studies with Lectera and make money on recommendations. Currently, the most popular courses from Lectera cost only $29.99, with additional discounts for members of an affiliate program or other programs. There are also completely free courses.

In addition to the courses, platform users will find marathons. They are large educational programs and other innovative training formats which have been developed by a team of experts which Lectera is keeping secret for now.

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