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Samsung have come up with a revolutionary new way to type on a smart phone

Samsung have come up with a revolutionary new way to type on a smart phone

The Samsung C-Lab startup incubator have come up with ‘SelfieType’ technology, which will allow users to type on any surface. The development will be officially presented at CES 2020.
‘Artificial People’ or Samsung's Best Deepfake

‘Artificial People’ or Samsung's Best Deepfake

The developer Samsung has announced a new deepfake technology. The company assures that the project will serve only worthy purposes.
Amazon AI successfully recognizes curved text

Amazon AI successfully recognizes curved text

Instead of using rectangular frames for recognition, the new algorithm employs ‘tube’ representations of text reference frames.

Carbon dioxide capture technology can reduce lorry and bus emissions by 90%

Today, up to 40% of vehicle emissions are from lorries.

DJI devises an unmanned SUV with a camera stabilizer

The company has patented the invention, but it is still unclear whether such a device will appear on the market.

AT&T starts testing 5G in US cities

The company has decided to increase the initial number of cities in the network trial from five to ten.

Ford announces electric SUV based on Rivian platform

The company presented two 4 x 4 models that will be released under the Lincoln brand.

Frequency of phishing attacks soars before Black Friday

The number of attacks on online stores has experienced nearly a twofold increase during the week of fall sales.

Hewlett Packard reveals issues with SSD longevity

The company has released a firmware upgrade and is advising users to install it as soon as possible.

Tesla's Electric Cybertruck can travel over 800 km on a single charge

The model combines powerful features and retro-futuristic design.

Pavel Durov calls everyone to uninstall WhatsApp

The creator of Telegram has no doubt that all vulnerabilities in WhatsApp are used by hackers. So the only way to protect yourself is to uninstall the application.

Volkswagen promises to make ID.3 40% cheaper than e-Golf

The Company hopes to make the model more customer attractive by reducing production costs, and, consequently, the final price.

Guides Function to Be Added to Google Maps

Users will be able to create their own guides showing historical buildings, institutions and other facilities.

You can buy a Disney+ account on the DarkNet for several dollars — or even for free

Within several days of the introduction of the service, hackers managed to steal thousands of user accounts.

Airbus unveils the world’s first electric racing aircraft

The plane can reach a speed of 483 km/h, although a fully charged battery can only last for 5 minutes.