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Iran displays the latest version of the Suren's robot

Iran displays the latest version of the Suren's robot

The first humanoid robot Suren developed in Iran about ten years ago. Recently, scientists from Tehran University introduced to the world the fourth model in its line.
Keep your brain sharp with these physical exercises

Keep your brain sharp with these physical exercises

Australian scientists have conducted a research, during which they learned that aerobics has a positive effect on brain neuroplasticity.
Norwegian Drilling Plate Hires Boston Dynamics Robot

Norwegian Drilling Plate Hires Boston Dynamics Robot

We are talking here about a robot named Spot, which has gained unimaginable popularity on the Internet. The robot is famous for its well-developed acrobatic abilities. 
Gamers will train military robots 

Gamers will train military robots 

The US military is working hard to find out how professional gamers make managerial decisions in complex military strategies. A total of $316 thousand has been allocated to conduct studies of their behavior. 
What does the largest firework in history look like?

What does the largest firework in history look like?

The largest firework in history was recently launched in Steamboat Springs (Colorado, USA). Weighing in at 1270 kg, this firework beat last year’s record by 182 kg. 

Mars 2020 will be equipped with rock evaporating laser

This year, we will witness another NASA mission. Part of this mission will include the dispatch of the Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet, and this time the vehicle will be equipped with an unusual laser to explore the rock formations on the planet. 

Indian police officers tackle noise pollution

The new development will primarily affect Indian motorists. 

What board games did the Vikings like to play?

Scientists have discovered a figurine that was used in board games more than 1200 years ago.

Scientists learn to use rain as a source of energy 

The new technology will harness the kinetic energy of falling raindrops. The energy from a single raindrop is enough to ignite a hundred LED lamps. 

Ford introduces emoji cycling jacket 

The jacket will facilitate understanding on the road and help cyclists express their individuality. 

Roland Launches Digital Taiko Drum Analog

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum with an unusual sound. Thanks to Roland company, it now has an electronic "brother".

Bosch introduces smart glasses with laser painting functionality

Surprisingly, these dynamic images are created inside the user’s eyes. 

Plans to restore forests by cloning trees proposed in Russia 

The saplings have already been tested in the Voronezh region. Next in line are regions that have suffered from forest fires. 

Firefighters test innovative Qwake C-Thru mask

The device provides ‘thermointellectual’ vision to see through smoke. This is done through a combination of thermal imaging and AI. 

‘Dunes’ - a new kind of northern lights

A group of Finnish astronomers has discovered a new kind of northern lights. The phenomenon was called ‘dunes’ due to its resemblance to sand dunes. 

NASA scientist shows simulation of Earth with no water

What would happen if all the oceans on the planet dried up? The answer to this question can be found in a new video from planetologist James O’Donoghue. 

Scientists discover white dwarf star proving theory of relativity 

According to the theory of relativity, any object has an influence on space-time. Scientists have discovered a star that serves as an example that proves this hypothesis.

American polar explorers inspect the glacier of the ‘day of final judgment’ 

They used a specially constructed submarine robot called Icefin. 

MPC Film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘The Lion King’ 

It’s safe to say that ‘The Lion King’ is a fine example of contemporary animation. Now, fans are interested in going beyond the final product to immerse themselves in its creation process. 

Haptic Helmet - a fire helmet of the future

Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a fire helmet that can help you find your way even in total darkness.

Dyson Unveils Lightcycle Morph Long-Life Light Set

The manufacturer claims the lamp set can last for 60 years without the need to change the bulb.

Scientists take ultra-high-resolution photos of the Sun 

The luminary looks almost exactly like caramel popcorn up close. 

California looks forward to animatronic Spider-Man

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Company has announced the soon-expected arrival of  the animatronic Spider-Man near the Avengers Campus in the local Disneyland.

Jellyfish will be used to study the world’s oceans 

As of today, only 5-10% of the world’s oceans have been discovered, while the rest remains a mystery for us. Scientists have proposed the idea of using cyborg jellyfish to explore our planet.
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