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Chinese company eFoilFly introduces electric hydrofoil surfboard Neptune X 

Chinese company eFoilFly introduces electric hydrofoil surfboard Neptune X 

The board is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, EPS foam, and resin parts. This combination of materials contributes to the integrity of the board and keeps the surface cool in the sunlight. 
The Pacific Ocean is destroying crabs’ shells

The Pacific Ocean is destroying crabs’ shells

This can be explained by a dramatic increase in the acidity of the water which absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.
Albatrosses are being recruited to patrol the ocean

Albatrosses are being recruited to patrol the ocean

It turned out that these birds can ‘spy’ on poachers much more efficiently than humans. Because of this, these feathered vigilantes were equipped with GPS sensors. 
Eye tracking technology opens up a lot of new insights

Eye tracking technology opens up a lot of new insights

Scientists at the University of Nevada grasp how our vision works.
The coronavirus epidemic fuels interest in the Plague Inc. game

The coronavirus epidemic fuels interest in the Plague Inc. game

Plague Inc. is a disaster game in which the player’s objective is to destroy mankind through diseases.

Americans learn to turn trash into graphene

Graphene is a unique and highly demanded material that is difficult to produce in large quantities. Creating an inexpensive technology for its production can be called a real breakthrough.

AirDresser dry cleaning cabinet for $1,400

Samsung presented an unusual cabinet with functionalities so far alien to such objects. However, only very wealthy customers are likely to go for it.

Motorola Razr: Flexible but Reliable

Motorola has released a series of videos about the flexible Razr, the company’s new smartphone.

Dutch Ministry of Defence creates team in CS:GO 

The KM Esports cyber team will focus on identifying and recruiting new ministry employees among cyberathletes. 

Sega mobile app virtually transports you to Japan 

The Sega Catcher Online app has been released on mobile platforms. The app will allow users to remotely play on real claw machines in Japan. 

Vitrified brain: scientists find the remains of Vesuvius victims

The volcano’s fatal eruption that occurred in 79 AD destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Fungal Clouds Pose an Emerging Threat to Human Health

According to researchers, newly discovered substances can cause allergies or asthma attacks.

New Photos of Martian Ice Cap Released

The photos were taken by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express interplanetary station.

Scientists teach ancient mummy to talk 

Nesyamun is one of the oldest existing mummies in the world. Despite its age, the mummy’s speech organs remain intact. 

Tesla cars start mining Bitcoin

The onboard computer was reformatted into a Bitcoin node. 

German scientists record the formation of atomic binding on video

In order to do this, researches from the University of Ulm have used a transmission electron microscope, which can act as a camera.

A Reddit user assembles a gaming laptop in a suitcase

He has named the device Nuclear Football, hinting at the "nuclear briefcases" that presidents of nuclear powers carry. 

American scientists create a climbing robot

A spider-like device can move on vertical surfaces, like a real arthropod.

Jaguar Land Rover develops a seat to keep drivers’ muscles in good shape

Long trips often lead to hypodynamia - muscle weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle. Jaguar Land Rover has created a car seat to help prevent this.

NASA is to build moon houses from mushrooms

This idea has been actively developed since 2018, when the corresponding project received funding under the Innovative Advanced Concepts program.

Upright Go 2 will take care of your posture

Regularly working at the computer and a lack of physical activity can have a detrimental effect on your posture. The compact Upright Go 2 device can help modern people maintain their health. 

Panasonic Unveils New Virtual Reality Eyeglasses

VR glasses for domestic use have become a growing trend over the last few years, but most models are still bulky and uncomfortable. The same cannot be said about the new model from Panasonic.

Taiwan-based company XYZprinting presents five-dimensional da Vinci Color 5D printer 

Until recently, 3D printers were considered the pinnacle of technological development. Their position was challenged at CES 2020 as it became clear that there is no limit to perfection. 

Gigantic Airbus plane starts transporting cargo 

The vehicle is called BelugaXL. This giant is set to start a revolution in the cargo aircraft market. 
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