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Youtuber develops a 'googol demonstrator' - a machine displaying the number of atoms in the universe

Youtuber develops a 'googol demonstrator' - a machine displaying the number of atoms in the universe

The system works with a set of connected gears with a moving ratio of 1 to 10. In other words, if the first gear makes 1000 revolutions, then the second - 100, the third - 10, etc.
How do courier drones help coronavirus patients?

How do courier drones help coronavirus patients?

The closure of entire cities due to quarantine caused an increased demand for autonomous courier robots. A Chinese start-up technology company received an order for the production of 200 electric delivery vehicles.
Sandcastle helping to install Android on your iPhone

Sandcastle helping to install Android on your iPhone

Previously, the iPhone and Android OS were categorically incompatible. Correlium’s Sandcastle project fixed that and immediately had a problem with a lawsuit from Apple.
Youtuber discovers how to control a laser with their bare hands

Youtuber discovers how to control a laser with their bare hands

Well-known blogger Tom Scott has posted a new video in which he plays with a laser beam with his bare hands. Surprisingly, the video was recorded with practically no video effects.
Goodyear introduces the ReCharge self-healing tire

Goodyear introduces the ReCharge self-healing tire

The device itself determines the degree of its own individual wear or tear, after the diagnosis the worn-out part is restored using special materials.

Austrian engineers build a unique folding bridge

Employees of the Vienna Technical University develop an incredible engineering structure, marking the beginning of a new era in construction.

Boeing presents the concept of a modern reconnaissance helicopter

The long-held secret idea was finally introduced to the public.

Boston Dynamics and OTTO Motors have teamed up to create an authentic 21st Century warehouse. 

The central roles are assigned to the Handle and AMR robots, that quickly move around the room, performing duties assigned to them.

Omega Series 5 - an everlasting pen without ink

Writing with the Omega Series 5, you'll notice how unique this pen is which uses special metals. The development of the pen isn't a new concept and has only been created  recently.

The remains of an ancient dwarf lion were discovered in Australia

We're used to the fact that animals of antiquity were bigger than their descendants. But there are exceptions to this rule: palaeontologists found the remains of an ancient lion, which was the size of an ordinary domestic cat.

New Deepfake app enables you to remove any person from a video

Google employee Jason Mays has developed a new video retouching app.The tool allows you to remove a person from any video you’ve captured.

Alphabet plans to save the oceans from pollution

One of the subdivisions of the holding announced a project to conserve and protect the resources of our oceans.

DNA samples found in dinosaur remains

Previously, scientists believed that in the best-case scenario, DNA could be stored for a million years, but the age of recently found dinosaur remains are seventy-five times older.

A new eSports Academy in the US will enable gamers to earn money

In the United States, the creation of the Century Academy of Gaming and eSports (CAGE) wants to develop professional e-sports athletes out of gamers.

A Composer has created every possible tune to save music from copyright rules

The modern intellectual property copyright system is often criticised. One of its consistent opponents has created every conceivable style of music to give art freedom. 

Citroen launches a compact electric car for teenagers

In France, the vehicle is identified as a 'light ATV,' so you're able to drive the car from the age of fourteen.

Japan to create a suitcase for the blind

A suitcase with built-in artificial intelligence will allow visually impaired people to travel independently.

New technology has emerged which creates diamonds from oil

Diamonds are a beneficial material that is used not only in the creation of jewellery but also in many industries. The new technologies of Stanford scientists allow them to blend diamonds from oil.

Tiny robot machines to transport prototypes

Biotechnology often relies on bulky and not very convenient devices. Tiny robots based on warehouse machines can make science more practical and efficient.

Robot composer Shimon goes on tour

For the first time, we saw the robot musician in 2017. Now Shimon is going on tour to promote his first album.

Scientists have created an eco-friendly superglue that can be unstuck

Any superglue has two problems: harmful chemicals in the composition and difficulty in detaching glued objects. It seems that both issues have been solved.

Amazon has opened its first store without shop assistants

The American city of Seattle has opened a full-fledged grocery supermarket, which has absolutely no staff.

Robots will solve the problem of traffic congestion

Scientists at Northwestern University have demonstrated an algorithm that will help avoid traffic congestion in the future.

Scientists have discovered fossils of green algae which are billions of years old

We're talking about Proterocladus antiquus algae, found in northern China in the province of Liaoning.
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