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Crypto currency exchange Binance to launch Libra analogue

Crypto currency exchange Binance to launch Libra analogue

As part of the Venus project, the company will issue stable coins pegged to fiat currencies of various countries.
The world's first electric plane crashes

The world's first electric plane crashes

Electric transport is the main solution to the greenhouse gases issue, but innovative ideas do not always get a seamless start. For example, the Norwegian electric aircraft Alpha Electro crashed a short while ago. What caused the accident?
France to tear down the world's first solar panel road

France to tear down the world's first solar panel road

In 2016, Colas Company built the 1.6-kilometre Wattway road in Normandy, France. It featured unique solar panel coating which powered the roadside lamps. But the unique road stretch is now up for demolition.
Crash test reveals the safest electric car

Crash test reveals the safest electric car

The American non-profit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has conducted a series of tests that identified the safest electric car. It was an e-tron model from the car manufacturer Audi.
How Neanderthals are linked to surfing?

How Neanderthals are linked to surfing?

Exostosis is a disease characterised by bone formation in ear canals. It appears as a result of hypothermia of the inner ear, that's why it usually affects surfers - people who spend hours in the water. The unofficial name of exostosis derived from this fact and the name is  "surfer's ear". 

Audius vs. Modern Music Industry

Audius is a blockchain startup seeking to cut middlemen out of the music business. The company has recently presented its blockchain’s beta version.

Brazilian Bank BTG Pactual Joins PTDL Group

A leading Latin American investment bank has joined PTDL Group, an organization developing a blockchain platform for financial market participants.

Kelly Services Enters into Strategic Partnership with Moonlighting

A major recruiting company announced its cooperation with Moonlighting blockchain-based platform.

How to use a Rubik’s cube in science?

A group of Chinese and American scientists gave a new life to the Rubik's cube by discovering how to diagnose different diseases with the help of the cube. 

Remains of a giant penguin found in New Zealand 

The animal's bones were found in a place called Waipara Greensand. The bird was about 1.6 meters tall and weighed 80 kg. The penguin was called Crossvallia waiparensis.

Snap releases Spectacles 3 

The new model comes with two integrated cameras that can capture film and photos in 3D. 

Pay with Samsung crypto currency

The South Korean technology giant has added a new feature to its Blockchain Keystore app store: users can now pay with the company's crypto currency.

A smart blockchain city to be built in Cambodia

The authorities of the Cambodian capital have decided to build a smart city of 100 hectares in Phnom Penh. The project will be implemented by Singapore-based startup Limestone Network.

Blockchain to protect the oldest Korean bank

Korea's oldest bank, Shinhan Bank, has signed a contract to build a new security system based on blockchain.

Fire Barry: Talespin creates unusual VR app

Barry is a digital character that needs to be ‘fired’ by the player. The app is meant to develop the user’s communication skills and teach them to get out of tricky situations. 

The U.S. military is building a drone army

The United States witnessed the second of the six exercise stages of the OFFSET programme. It was intended to practice the tactics of simultaneous use of large numbers of drones to support ground forces.

Police robots will protect China from criminals

There’s a new addition to the police force in Handan, China: three police robots have joined the service. The robots were developed specifically for law enforcement agencies.

How can we clean up the World Ocean?

Every day, an enormous amount of plastic waste is dumped into the World Ocean. Approximately 40% of this plastic ends up in the water the same year it is produced. Considering the fact that plastic practically does not decompose, this contributes to a dangerous trend. 

Who was affected by the North Korean cyber attacks?

The United Nations are currently investigating 35 North Korean cyber attacks in 17 countries. Last week, information surfaced revealing that the country had spent over $2 billion stolen funds on financing national weapons programmes. 

Competitor for SpaceX rocket to be built in China

Thanks to reusable rocket nose cones, SpaceX can save up to $6 million on each launch. The company’s success has inspired many competitors to follow their lead.

FORM: augmented reality goggles for swimmers 

The growing focus on health and wellbeing together with technological progress lead to increased demand for various sports gadgets. This goes beyond regular fitness bracelets, with a wide range of different gadgets for any level of activity appearing on the market.

Scientists invent a way to stop melting glaciers

Submarines collecting and freezing sea water will be used to stop the melting glaciers in the Arctic Ocean.

New artificial sled dog created in China

In the North, dogs are often used for transportation. This situation might change with the arrival of Chinese quadruped robots. 

A full-sized flying saucer prototype created in Romania

This spring witnessed presentation of the ADIFO smaller-sized version – a cross between a jet aircraft, a quadcopter and a helicopter. The story has now got a long-awaited continuation.
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