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Go mosquito hunting with a Bzigo laser detector 

Go mosquito hunting with a Bzigo laser detector 

Many interesting inventions were shown at CES 2020.  Among them is an innovative system for finding insects in your apartment. 
Go Dogo takes care of your pet when you are not around

Go Dogo takes care of your pet when you are not around

Many dog ​​owners are forced to constantly leave their pets. Training and entertainment system Go Dogo will be able to take care of pets in their absence.
Save on Water with Hydraloop System

Save on Water with Hydraloop System

Thanks to the efficient use of resources the system enables users to reduce their water consumption by almost half. The device is suitable for both commercial and residential premises.
Antimicrobial smartphone screen protector created in the United States

Antimicrobial smartphone screen protector created in the United States

The new technology is called Amplify Glass. The invention has already been registered in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
Samsung have come up with a revolutionary new way to type on a smart phone

Samsung have come up with a revolutionary new way to type on a smart phone

The Samsung C-Lab startup incubator have come up with ‘SelfieType’ technology, which will allow users to type on any surface. The development will be officially presented at CES 2020.

Hyundai presents S-A1 flying taxi

The vehicle concept was unveiled at CES 2020. It was initially built for Uber’s Project Elevate.

‘Artificial People’ or Samsung's Best Deepfake

The developer Samsung has announced a new deepfake technology. The company assures that the project will serve only worthy purposes.

Toyota announces plans for ‘city of the future’ in Japan

The new city has been given the name Woven City. The ambitious project will be launched in 2021. 

Google will release a budget version of Pixel 4

Images of a smartphone that will probably be presented by Google in spring 2020 have surfaced online.

Amazon AI successfully recognizes curved text

Instead of using rectangular frames for recognition, the new algorithm employs ‘tube’ representations of text reference frames.

British neurosurgeon believes that human head transplants may become a reality by 2030

A successful transplant of a person’s head will involve placing his/her entire spinal cord into another body.

Princeton physicists have overcome the limitations of silicon quantum chips

During the experiment, scientists transmitted information between qubits, which were at a distance of about five millimeters from each other.

Carbon dioxide capture technology can reduce lorry and bus emissions by 90%

Today, up to 40% of vehicle emissions are from lorries.

DJI devises an unmanned SUV with a camera stabilizer

The company has patented the invention, but it is still unclear whether such a device will appear on the market.

Stanford experts propose extension to definition of «human»

Legal experts believe that it would be helpful to introduce the term «substantially human». 

By 2030 Mankind Can Provide Itself with Renewable Energy by 80%

Full switch to clean energy will cost about $73 trillion.

Japanese scientists develop exoskeletons for elderly people

These devices can help elderly people work with heavy objects without getting tired.

Deepest point on land discovered in Antarctica

At this point, the land is 3.5 km below sea level.

Comet Borisov turns out to be smaller than predicted by astrophysicists

New data shows that the dimensions of 2I/Borisov are 15 times smaller than initially predicted. 

AT&T starts testing 5G in US cities

The company has decided to increase the initial number of cities in the network trial from five to ten.

Hackers break into Upbit cryptocurrency exchange and steal $50 million

Some users suspect that the break-in was an inside job.

Ford announces electric SUV based on Rivian platform

The company presented two 4 x 4 models that will be released under the Lincoln brand.

Scientists discover stellar black hole in the Milky Way 

Contemporary theory does not allow for the existence of black holes with this mass.

Frequency of phishing attacks soars before Black Friday

The number of attacks on online stores has experienced nearly a twofold increase during the week of fall sales.
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