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NASA unveils new spacesuits for missions to the Moon and to Mars

NASA unveils new spacesuits for missions to the Moon and to Mars

The new spacesuits offer increased freedom of movement and protection from extreme temperatures and radiation.
Google Presents Pixel 4 and Other New Products

Google Presents Pixel 4 and Other New Products

The updated gadgets include a cool camera phone, a light-weight laptop and smart peripherals.
Startup Relativity Space will start printing rockets on Mars

Startup Relativity Space will start printing rockets on Mars

The company will leverage a universal production method and AI algorithms in hopes of competing with giants like SpaceX and Blue Origin.
Final design presented for Uniti One electric city car

Final design presented for Uniti One electric city car

The company’s engineers made several changes to make the car more affordable.
More than half of all UK electricity comes from renewable sources

More than half of all UK electricity comes from renewable sources

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the country’s wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants generated more energy than fossil fuel combustion for the first time in history.

AI Develops an Innovative Super-robust and Super-compressible Metamaterial

In the future, self-learning algorithms will be able to conduct full-fledged materials engineering experiments by analyzing data from previous experiments.

Scientists Manage to Preserve Nervous Activity in Isolated Brain Tissue for a Month

The new device allows for keeping neurons active for 25 days, but scientists believe that the incubation period can be extended to 100 days.

Engineers propose interstellar engine that can reach the speed of light

The new engine can solve the problems related to organizing the first interstellar expedition.

Toyota LQ concept car will be equipped with next-generation virtual assistant

The new interface will keep drivers awake during their journey and introduces a new system to control the vehicle.

Facebook develops neural interfaces for people with motor neuron disease

In the past, Mark Zuckerberg was skeptical about implanted devices, but he has recently started changing his attitude towards these technologies.

Great Britain to Send a Four-Legged Robotic Rover to the Moon

British startup Spacebit and American company Astrobotic have scheduled the mission for 2021. It will be Britain’s first ever lunar rover. Such devices were earlier sent to the Moon by the United States, China and Russia.

American Labels Complain about Piracy by Telegram

Telegram is accused of poor filtering of musical compositions in open channels.

Twitter Uses 2FA Data to Show Tailored Ads

A malfunction in Twitter’s advertising system allowed advertisers to gain access to e-mail addresses and phone numbers provided by users for safety and security purposes.

Google releases new tool to measure pollution in cities 

The company is adding new cities to their Environmental Insights Explorer service, which can be used to track the environmental conditions within the city, highlighting the most critical types of pollution for a particular area.

Inventors of lithium-ion batteries win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Lithium-ion battery technology, developed back in 1970-1980, has given a powerful impetus to mobile devices and electric vehicles progress.

Apple to develop smart health-conscious clothes

Such clothes will allow to read a person’s ECG, pressure, heart rate, etc. in the most efficient way.

Aleph Farms grows meat on ISS for the first time

In order to print a small fragment of muscle tissue, the experimenters placed cells in the artificial microgravity conditions.

Zero-day exploit discovered in Android core

Samsung, Xiaomi, Pixel and other smartphones are vulnerable to this bug.

Chernobyl’s Reactor Control Room Is Now Open to Tourists

The radiation level at the facility is still high, therefore, visitors have to wear special hazmat suits to protect themselves from radiation and undergo a test to determine their exposure to radioactive compounds following the visit.

Nobel Prize in Medicine for research in oxygen deficiency adaptation

Three biologists from the United Kingdom and the United States got the award.

Tim Cook doesn't approve of private cryptocurrencies

Apple CEO explained his position by the fact that financial institutions should be subordinate to the state. Corporations often seek benefits primarily for themselves, but not for the society.

Modular robotic vehicle Citybot will replace all other city vehicles and end traffic jams

Its modular system will make it possible to transform Citybot into several modifications - from a taxi to a garbage truck.

Michigan police searching for suspects who hacked billboard to display porn

The NSFW video played instead of ads for approximately 20 minutes until drivers reported the incident to 911.

Amazon develops a legal framework for facial recognition systems

The company plans to hand over the finished bill to the government.