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How to turn down Intel and become a billionaire: the success story of Jeff Bezos

How to turn down Intel and become a billionaire: the success story of Jeff Bezos

The idea of online retail has made Bezos the richest person on the planet. In this material we talk about what principles have helped a businessman to overcome obstacles to success.
Estonian company releases electric car you can ‘hang’ on your wall

Estonian company releases electric car you can ‘hang’ on your wall

The device is only compatible with walls featuring special fastening elements that can be installed separately. But the surprises don’t end there: the car only has three wheels.
Bill Gates: Millionaire, Businessman, Philanthropist

Bill Gates: Millionaire, Businessman, Philanthropist

How did Microsoft's co-founder became one of the richest and most powerful people in the world and what principles helped his success

Voice assistants - the future of tabletop gaming?

The first game in the new genre will be St. Noire detective story from Atari. The product’s features were detailed by the company co-founder Nolan Bushnell and its creative director Zay Ortiz.

Use this watch to find out when you will die

The device displays a countdown on your wrist. It can also be used to tell the time. 

The Next All-electric Car from Lotus to Become the Most Powerful in the World

The manufacturer confirmed the information on the forthcoming production of the world’s most powerful all-electric hypercar Evija. At the moment, it is planning to produce at least 130 such cars.

Experts evaluate Huawei HongMeng operating system 

The Chinese company started developing its own OS after the US International Trade Administration banned sales of American software. These regulations will not affect phones and tablets that have already been released. 

Samsung Getting Ready to Release a New Super Flagship

The company has released a new commercial indicating that Galaxy Note10 will be a full-fledged replacement for a personal computer, laptop and phone.

Capcom speaks about cooperation with the Japanese police

Japan's largest video game manufacturer has confirmed its involvement in the PR campaign run by the local law enforcement agencies to recruit new specialists.

Flying car races set for 2020

The races will take place in the Mojave desert in the United States. The event will be organized by Australian company Alauda. 

Hans Zimmer authors the new BMW electric car sound

The composer is an ardent fan of Cyberpunk aesthetics which makes him an excellent fit for writing "music" for the new BMW engine.

A standard screen is not enough for you? Use Trio!

Mobile Pixels is famous for its Duo slide-out screen that went on sale last year. But one additional display was not enough for some people, so the company introduced a new product.

QUIZ: What do you know about network marketing?

Check whether you fully assess the scope of network marketing by answering our questions.

Charge your gadgets from the sun with the Ebörd table

The Ebörd from the Spanish startup Proton New Energy Future is one of the many wireless charging devices launched recently. But if similar gadgets need to be connected to the power network, this table is completely independent.

Like stickers in the back window of your car? This device will make them a thing of the past!

The Pashko brothers have spent a long time trying to find a way to express their love for their favourite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. They took their project so seriously that it turned into an entire project on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
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