Mizrakhi Katya

Hitecher contributor since 2018, journalist, editor, SMM manager. Cryptoanalyst. Katya has been writing about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market since 2015. Author of articles on technology, marketing and relevant IT trends.

Running away from old age: how to extend your life through sport

Running away from old age: how to extend your life through sport

If you're under 30 and think you have at least another decade to look forward to while staying young and fresh, we have some bad news for you. The ageing process starts at 30, and by the time you turn 40, this process accelerates.
Lucid dreams: the games and mysteries of our subconscious mind

Lucid dreams: the games and mysteries of our subconscious mind

Have you ever had a dream where you have discovered that you can control and make it exactly how you want it because you understand it is not real?
Xenobots: living robots that can build and heal

Xenobots: living robots that can build and heal

How often do you see robots in science fiction films made from iron, aluminum, or a fictional metal like adamantium...? However, what about robots made from living organisms?

6 of the most fascinating discoveries about the human brain

Despite the advances in science and the giant leap it has made over the past thirty years, the brain is still one of the most mysterious organs in the human body.

Bitcoin is the official means of payment. How is it possible, and what are the consequences?

In El Salvador, a small country in Central America, Bitcoin has been recognised as an official tender.

Libra – hype, revolution or sham?

Over the past few weeks, Libra has probably become the most discussed topic in all media outlets. There is a lot of speculation around the topic: someone views initiative as a threat, while others believe that it is a long-awaited breakthrough.

QUIZ: What do you know about network marketing?

Check whether you fully assess the scope of network marketing by answering our questions.

Coin Acceptance and exchange - find Crypto ATM closest to you

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world today. According to the Coinmarketcap analytical portal alone, there are 861 of them. In fact, there are many more digital coins as the portal does not add...

The world of Fallout is closer?! The nuclear battery is here.

Scientists from Krasnoyarsk have approved Nickel-63 isotope as a product. The element will be used in the manufacture of atomic batteries. Due to the soft beta radiation, the battery does not harm the health...

Football Tokenization: How Are Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Kicking into the Football Industry?

Studies show that more than half of the world’s population consider themselves to be football fans. Cryptocurrencies cannot claim as many fans yet, however, according to the surveys conducted in major...

QuarkChain Token Is Growing with the Reported Launch of Testnet 2.0 Supporting Mining

QuarkChain blockchain project developing a high-throughput blockchain to perform millions of transactions per minute has announced that everything is ready for the launch of its Testnet 2.0. In their blog, the...

Bitcoin Cash hard fork — preliminary results

Yesterday, November 15, Bitcoin Cash network successfully completed a hard fork. In the run up to the event, the market split into two parts – some people supported the conservative Roger Ver with his Bitcoin...

Yandex Launches a Project to Analyze Internet Resources on Runet

The new service entitled «Yandex.Radar» covers 10,000 websites popular in the Russian segment. The rating of top websites is compiled based on data and extensions received from Yandex.Browser using...

GRAM Token Prospects Evaluated by Experts

QIWI experts issued the first analytical report on the GRAM platform. The study was conducted by Hash CIB associated with QIWI Blockchain Technologies. However, the report can hardly be called unbiased: QIWI...

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Governments issue traditional fiat money. In the digital economy, things are different: new coins are generated by computers by solving mathematical problems.
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