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Toyota LQ concept car will be equipped with next-generation virtual assistant

Toyota LQ concept car will be equipped with next-generation virtual assistant

The new interface will keep drivers awake during their journey and introduces a new system to control the vehicle.
Great Britain to Send a Four-Legged Robotic Rover to the Moon

Great Britain to Send a Four-Legged Robotic Rover to the Moon

British startup Spacebit and American company Astrobotic have scheduled the mission for 2021. It will be Britain’s first ever lunar rover. Such devices were earlier sent to the Moon by the United States, China and Russia.
American Labels Complain about Piracy by Telegram

American Labels Complain about Piracy by Telegram

Telegram is accused of poor filtering of musical compositions in open channels.

Twitter Uses 2FA Data to Show Tailored Ads

A malfunction in Twitter’s advertising system allowed advertisers to gain access to e-mail addresses and phone numbers provided by users for safety and security purposes.

Google releases new tool to measure pollution in cities 

The company is adding new cities to their Environmental Insights Explorer service, which can be used to track the environmental conditions within the city, highlighting the most critical types of pollution for a particular area.

Apple to develop smart health-conscious clothes

Such clothes will allow to read a person’s ECG, pressure, heart rate, etc. in the most efficient way.

Zero-day exploit discovered in Android core

Samsung, Xiaomi, Pixel and other smartphones are vulnerable to this bug.

Modular robotic vehicle Citybot will replace all other city vehicles and end traffic jams

Its modular system will make it possible to transform Citybot into several modifications - from a taxi to a garbage truck.

Michigan police searching for suspects who hacked billboard to display porn

The NSFW video played instead of ads for approximately 20 minutes until drivers reported the incident to 911.

Amazon develops a legal framework for facial recognition systems

The company plans to hand over the finished bill to the government.

HyFlyer - hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft

The UK is about to witness testing of the hydrogen-powered HyFlyer passenger aircraft developed by ZeroAvia and the British Cranfield University.

BolaWrap is a safe weapon to disarm criminals

Taser stun guns are considered to be non-lethal weapons, but they killed 49 people last year in the United States alone. In this regard, the police are carefully studying alternative ways of neutralizing criminals.

US Air Force to Receive Flying Jeeps

The U.S. Air Force command has launched its Agility Prime project aimed to explore the possibility of creating flying cars for military needs.

Altered State of Consciousness in Virtual Reality: Try It Yourself

HiTecher’s staff is against drugs, but you do not need hallucinogens to have a psychedelic experience in the 21st century. Illicit drugs and shamanistic practices are being replaced by high technologies.

Moltex Energy to build a safe nuclear reactor

Recently, the British company raised more than $7.5 million in investments, which it intends to spend to create a unique stable salt reactor.