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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales creates alternative ad-free social network

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales creates alternative ad-free social network

Wales believes that the issue uniting all popular social networks lies in a business model built exclusively on advertising.
Volvo tests self-driving bus prototype in real conditions 

Volvo tests self-driving bus prototype in real conditions 

The goal of the project is to optimize bus circulation in parking bays between trips.
China’ First Superconducting Wind Turbine Field-tested

China’ First Superconducting Wind Turbine Field-tested

The new technology will reduce generator weight by 40%.

Volkswagen Launches Production of ID.3 Electric Car 

Volkswagen’s main markets are Europe and China, therefore the production will be launched in Germany and Shanghai.

Vulnerability in Apple Mail allows to read encrypted emails

The developers have noteliminated the bug that has enabled Siri for several months already to view encrypted correspondence.

The new aircraft from Rolls-Royce to get a hybrid propulsion system

The first hybrid aircraft to be tested in 2021.

SpaceX Getting Ready to Launch a Second Batch of 60 Starlink Satellites

The satellites will be delivered into orbit by the reusable first stage vehicle that will be sent to space for the fourth time.

Firefox and Chrome Developers Decide to Automatically Hide Pop-up Notifications

The new approach will help fight spam and make web surfing safer.

The US Army Developing Robots That Can Understand Commands

The new military robots should be more independent so that they could be entrusted with a greater number of tasks and reduce the number of human soldiers needed in dangerous areas.

A New Agency to Protect American Citizens’ Digital Privacy

The US Congress has proposed a new bill that will limit IT giants in collecting and using user information.

Ford Presents All-electric Mustang with 900 Hp Engine and Manual Gearbox

The electric reincarnation of the iconic car has a lot of outstanding characteristics, but the developers have not yet provided any exact figures.

Right Holders Demand That Social Media Strengthen the Fight Against Piracy

Representatives of American film companies are sure that the tools used to reveal fake news, violence and abusive publications can also help in identifying pirated content.

Robotic Bees Get Artificial Soft Muscles Similar to Those of Real Bees

The new resilient design helps robot bees to better withstand crushing into solid objects.

A software update allows the Tesla Model S to break the Porsche Taycan Turbo record

Thanks to more advanced motor control, the Model S will receive an additional 50 horsepower.

Canon’s New Lens Features Sensor Airflow

Such technology can clean the image sensor of dust more efficiently than a standard vibration-based system.