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New technology from Xiaomi will allow the user to charge electrical gadgets from a distance 

New technology from Xiaomi will allow the user to charge electrical gadgets from a distance 

Mi Air Air Charge is a new development from Xiaomi that enables charging up to 5 devices simultaneously. The technology works at a distance of several meters and easily overcomes any physical obstacles.
Driverless Vehicles: How unmanned cars are conquering the world

Driverless Vehicles: How unmanned cars are conquering the world

Automation is taking over the world. The era of traditional manned vehicles is approaching its end. We need to recognize the fact that the world in the 21st century is changing at a much faster pace than in previous decades.
How does a hologram work?

How does a hologram work?

Holograms are an essential part of any sci-fi action movie. However, just how advanced is the technology in real life? Let's look at what holograms are, how they are used, and whether it is possible to create a hologram with our own fair hands.

Sphero introduce the ReadySight rapid response robot

The device has been designed to operate in emergency situations that pose a threat to human life.


Imagine a picture of the ideal future. Smart and beautiful people develop ever more perfect cars and they live in large, bright houses. They are free from disease and addictions, they avoid conflict, are protected, and happy with everything.

An American pilot fights artificial intelligence

The battle against a virtual enemy has been made possible through augmented reality technology.

How a quantum computer works: what the future will be in simple words

A couple of years ago a journalist decided to play a trick on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by asking him about quantum computers during a press conference at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.

ClipDrop allows you to instantly transfer items to virtual reality

The ClipDrop space scanning app performs work which used to take a long time to complete in just seconds.

Facebook is again accused of spying

As the plaintiff states, Instagram collects confidential data about its users through unauthorized access to their devices.

Scientists have created a new kind of touch-sensitive surface

Now you can turn almost anything into a touchscreen, by merely putting Protospray on top of any necessary surface.

AI learns how to take a simple sketch and turn it into a completed portrait

China has created an advanced analogue of pix2pixHD and Lines2FacePhoto programmes. The mission of the neural network is to help artists with their work.

Australia creates Hadrian X, a bricklaying robot

The company’s representatives are sure that the machine can already compete with human personnel.

New robots-extinguishers are to save firefighters from danger

Milrem Robotics and InnoVfoam have teamed up to create a family of fire-fighting robots that can take their live colleagues’ place.

Israeli scientists at the Ben-Gurion University have worked out how to hack air-gapped computers using their cooling system vibrations

Scientists have been looking for non-standard approaches to digital hacking systems for ages.   However, recently an exciting development has come to light that is a curious and innovating way of covertly extracting data from a personal computer.

The Cubbit Personal Cloud: subscription-free storage

We are used to cloud storage being controlled by a third party and requiring a monthly subscription. Cubbit startup offers a new approach to the popular service.