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Now a single hair is enough to identify anyone 

Now a single hair is enough to identify anyone 

A new forensic method was recently developed in the United States. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with DNA testing. 
Stars, Networks, The Future: Starlink Satellite Internet

Stars, Networks, The Future: Starlink Satellite Internet

It is difficult to imagine a world without the Internet in 2019. We are so accustomed to the capabilities and amenities of the World Wide Web that sometimes we forget that the Internet became part of the general public’s life relatively recently.
Google Creates Algorithm to Eliminate Face Distortions in Photos

Google Creates Algorithm to Eliminate Face Distortions in Photos

The technology was presented at SIGGRAPH 2019 annual conference focusing on graphics issues.

New neural network enables editing of announcer speech

Adobe Research has joined forces with scientists from Stanford University and Max Planck Institute to develop a program that can alter speech recorded on video. The development will help cut expenses on video clip recording.

Robots equipped with tactile and visual object identification systems

For humans, it often takes one glance to make complex conclusions about the density, texture and weight of an object. The opposite is also true: after touching something with our eyes closed, we will instantly understand what it looks like. Robots are a different story. Scientists at the MIT Artificial Intelligence laboratory are hard at work trying to teach machines to effectively interact with the environment around them.

The robot learns to defuse nuclear reactors

Nuclear power plants become obsolete and need to be decommissioned after a certain period of time. As this is a long and hazardous task, it is best solved it remotely, using special robots.

Motorcycle with 5G and collaborative learning from a Canadian company

Canadian motorcycle manufacturer Damon is working on a next-generation motorcycle which will come equipped with a host of new technologies.

Bacteria will help build landing strips for US Air Force

The US Air Force is currently considering the option of building landing strips using bacteria. Project Medusa was created to understand how microorganisms can be used to build durable flat surfaces.

US Air Force veteran makes panoramic video on F-35 plane

In his recording, the pilot talks about the structure and characteristics of the plane while filming its systems on camera. The video is panoramic, giving viewers a chance to feel like professional pilots.

Metal foam to make armor lighter and stronger

How to protect a serviceman's life without compromising the mobility of military hardware? Researchers from the North Carolina State University (NC State) have come up with a solution – they have created a unique bulletproof material much lighter than its counterparts.

A German Circus Replaces Animals with Holograms

Many fear that robots will one day take away our jobs. But who would have thought that technological advances can put animals out of work? So, for example, German Circus Roncalli completely stopped using four-legged performers replacing them with holograms.

Airless Tires to Hit the Market by 2024

Getting a flat tire is one of the most unpleasant situations on the road. However, motorists will soon forget about this problem with airless tires expected to be produced by 2024. Relevant plans were shared by representatives of the General Motors (GM) and Michelin.

Quadcopters versus catastrophes

From the outset, drones have been used for filming and entertainment, but who’s to say that they can’t be applied to more serious situations? Autonomous flying machines have a bright future in search operations, and it was recently proposed to use them to build sanctuaries in areas struck by disaster.

Jaguar Land Rover’s smart steering wheel knows how to draw the driver’s attention

Most road accidents are caused by the driver's distraction. The famous car concern Jaguar Land Rover has come up with the concept of a smart steering wheel, which will prevent the driver from being distracted by irrelevant things.

What does artillery fire look like from the epicentre?

New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in security matters. For example, drones are widely used to monitor and videotape new weapons testing.
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