HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year - Hitecher
HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year

HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year

by Hitecher

Taiwanese household electronics giant HTC has announced plans to release a second-generation blockchain-oriented smartphone this year. The news was shared by local media.

According to Phil Chen, an HTC employee working on decentralized apps, the company is hoping to boost sales while also expanding its blockchain ecosystem.

The release of a blockchain smartphone was first discussed in early 2018, with the company confirming their intentions last spring and launching sales of the Exodus smartphone by the end of the year. According to Chen, sales of the first-generation Exodus phone lived up to the company’s expectations. He also noted that in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum users, the phone also became popular with clients of crypto trading startups.

The second-generation smartphone will be different from the first because of its extended list of supported blockchain apps, improved wallets, and increased security.

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