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Scientists have discovered fossils of green algae which are billions of years old

Scientists have discovered fossils of green algae which are billions of years old

We're talking about Proterocladus antiquus algae, found in northern China in the province of Liaoning.
A unique animal discovered that doesn't need oxygen

A unique animal discovered that doesn't need oxygen

This mysterious creature is called the Henneguya salminicola;  completely lacking the Mitochondrial genome.
Carrots will suffice: scientists have named the best method of dog training

Carrots will suffice: scientists have named the best method of dog training

As it turned out, punishment has an adverse effect on animals' psyche.
Martian plants offer urine fertiliser

Martian plants offer urine fertiliser

Struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) harvested from human urine, has helped to grow beans in soil that mimics alien soil.
US military learns to print spare parts

US military learns to print spare parts

So far, we’re only talking only about small fragments of the human body, such as blood vessels and cartilage, however, in the future, technology can give mankind phenomenal opportunities.

The new method allows you to detect bladder cancer 10 years before clinical signs appear

The World Health Organisation's IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has released a new study that may be useful for early cancer diagnosis.

Candle Touch - a wax candle that lights up via Bluetooth

If you are tired of using matches, now you can light a candle using a mobile app.

A snake robot can overcome obstacles 38% height of its body length

Engineers at the Johns Hopkins University have created a snake robot with an amazing ability to overcome obstacles.

Scientists discover the giant shell of a prehistoric tortoise

It's estimated that the reptile weighed more than 1,200 kg and was more than 3 metres long. The fossil was found in South America.

Drone Champions AG test a new manoeuvrable passenger drone

The drone was developed as part of a campaign to promote the Drone Champions League.

Nike continues their line of sneakers with the Lace Adapt BB

Shoe sales kicked off this Sunday and just in time to coincide with the annual All-Star Weekend sports event. Basketball player Ja Morant was the first to appreciate the uniqueness.

Roboticon develops a device which sifts through your garbage for recycling

The device was invented by startup business CleanRobotics from the American city of San Francisco.

American scientists have invented a muffler bracelet for microphones

This invention was developed by a team of computer science professors at the University of Chicago.

Switzerland creates the ultra-fast 3D-printing technology

Now you can create full-fledged 3D objects in just a few seconds.

Iran displays the latest version of the Suren's robot

The first humanoid robot Suren developed in Iran about ten years ago. Recently, scientists from Tehran University introduced to the world the fourth model in its line.

Keep your brain sharp with these physical exercises

Australian scientists have conducted a research, during which they learned that aerobics has a positive effect on brain neuroplasticity.

Norwegian Drilling Plate Hires Boston Dynamics Robot

We are talking here about a robot named Spot, which has gained unimaginable popularity on the Internet. The robot is famous for its well-developed acrobatic abilities. 

Gamers will train military robots 

The US military is working hard to find out how professional gamers make managerial decisions in complex military strategies. A total of $316 thousand has been allocated to conduct studies of their behavior. 

What does the largest firework in history look like?

The largest firework in history was recently launched in Steamboat Springs (Colorado, USA). Weighing in at 1270 kg, this firework beat last year’s record by 182 kg. 

Mars 2020 will be equipped with rock evaporating laser

This year, we will witness another NASA mission. Part of this mission will include the dispatch of the Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet, and this time the vehicle will be equipped with an unusual laser to explore the rock formations on the planet. 

Indian police officers tackle noise pollution

The new development will primarily affect Indian motorists. 

What board games did the Vikings like to play?

Scientists have discovered a figurine that was used in board games more than 1200 years ago.

Scientists learn to use rain as a source of energy 

The new technology will harness the kinetic energy of falling raindrops. The energy from a single raindrop is enough to ignite a hundred LED lamps. 

Ford introduces emoji cycling jacket 

The jacket will facilitate understanding on the road and help cyclists express their individuality.