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A text-based neuroprosthesis has been developed in the USA

A text-based neuroprosthesis has been developed in the USA

The neuroprosthesis can convert brain signals into text.
Facebook Messenger is introducing Sound emojis

Facebook Messenger is introducing Sound emojis

Through utilising Soundmojis technology, users will be able to express their feelings even more clearly.
LG is currently selling the LG OLED R TV for a $100K

LG is currently selling the LG OLED R TV for a $100K

The OLED R represents a premium television from LG. Previously, this model could only be ordered exclusively.
Scientists have created an energy-storing patch that can be charged by a person's fingertip

Scientists have created an energy-storing patch that can be charged by a person's fingertip

A scientific team from the University of California, San Diego, has invented an energy-storing patch.
China has learned how to knot ice

China has learned how to knot ice

Zhejiang University has created "flexible microfibre ice," which is a new form of the well-known substance.

The University of Birmingham has found a new way to improve crime detection

They have achieved this by using new computer software developed to create virtual images of suspects.

Hyperloop Transport Technologies has announced the logistics system of the future

The HyperPort will allow freight containers to travel hundreds of kilometres in minutes.

The GB Operator console allows you to play Game Boy games on your computer

The arrival of the GB Operator once again indicates a definite trend towards retro gaming.

Evolve has unveiled a brand-new line-up of electric skateboards

The skateboards have an impressive speed of up to 50 km/h.

AirCar has successfully completed its first-ever long-distance flight

The vehicle designed by Klein Vision company recently flew from Nitra airport to Bratislava. The whole trip took about thirty-five minutes.

Venturi, an eco-friendly all-terrain vehicle designed for harsh weather conditions

An electric motor vehicle is designed to explore Antarctica.

A British company unveils the fastest electric bike

The WMC250EV has a huge aerodynamic duct that runs centrally through its entire body, which is the main secret to its speed.

The Gaussin modular platform is the future of trucks

The French company Gaussin has made a breakthrough in the alternative fuel market.

Splach Transformer is launching an all-terrain motorbike-like scooter

Next month, the California-based start-up is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for an off-road motorbike-like scooter.

Space Perspective will be offering tourists a flight on a space balloon

The very first flight of the Neptune balloon is scheduled for 2024.

The Omni Hoverboard is going into mass production

The Omni Hoverboard was created by the Canadian inventor Alexandru Duru only a few years ago. The inventor set a new world record for flying a record distance, making it into the Guinness Book of Records. Alexandru is currently planning to start mass production of the Hoverboards.

The start-up company Kelekona is developing an unmanned flying bus

The most significant feature of the flying bus is that it ensures passengers observing social distancing.

A 10-storey house has been built in China, taking only 28 hours and 45 minutes to complete

This new approach implemented by the construction company Broad Group means houses can be built at a faster pace.

Google is to create an immersive video chatting system

The experimental system called Project Starline will try to make the whole experience of video chatting as similar to live communication as possible.

Regent releases the Seaglider

Pre-orders for the Seaglider have totalled $465 million.

Cornell University has discovered how to manipulate electronics using discreet teeth gestures

This is achieved by using TeethTap, a wearable system that converts discreet teeth gestures into commands.

Samsung showcases its latest flexible gadgets

Display Week 2021 is a traditional trade show where Samsung introduces its latest devices. This year proved to be incredibly rich in new products.

The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The MIT Technology edition has announced an unusual match - a virtual ping pong. A paralyzed man and a monkey from the Neuralink project will take part in the game.

Artificial intelligence has revealed what’s hidden under a Picasso painting

Astonishingly, under Picasso’s one hundred and twenty-year-old painting “Pauper squatting,” there’s another hidden landscape.