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Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy Fold smartphone testing by robots

Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy Fold smartphone testing by robots

The official Samsung channel on YouTube has released a video showing the endurance tests of the new flagship Galaxy Fold smartphone with robots involved in the folding mechanism testing.
Handle from Boston Dynamics: robot with wheels and a suction arm

Handle from Boston Dynamics: robot with wheels and a suction arm

The first version of the Handle robot was presented in 2017, and already then the innovation made a great impression on the public. The company has worked on the device for two long years recently unveiling its updated version.
Xiaomi to Launch a Super Charger

Xiaomi to Launch a Super Charger

Information about the project was posted on the page of the company’s representative Lou Weibin in Weibo social network. It shows a comparative test of Oppo 50W SuperVOOC charger vs Xiaomi’s new device that proved to be one-third faster than its opponent.

Lego supercar: like the original, but half a tonne heavier

Sports cars are produced in limited editions. For example, there are only 500 McLaren Senna ones in the world. However, number 501, made entirely of Lego parts, has recently appeared.

Finalists for the best flying motorcycle contest named

Boeing has announced the second stage of the GoFly contest completed. The finalist startups will receive $50,000 apiece to create full-size motorcycles to compete in the contest’s finals for a $1.5-million prize.\n

Robot avatars to take over ISS by 2020

A new Japanese development will make space flights cheaper and safer. To solve this problem, robot avatars will take on the most difficult and dangerous types of work on the ISS.

Real flying saucer invented in Romania

According to the creator of the project, an engineer named Razvan Sabie, his device represents today’s shifting paradigm in aircraft construction. The invention is called ‘ADIFO’. \n

Try a Cup of Coffee Brewed by an Amazing Robot Barista

The robot by Briggo, a US-based company, was specifically created to make perfect coffee. The machine is very fast – it can make up to 100 cups per hour.

Huawei unveils the flagships P30 and P30 Pro

New Huawei flagships were presented in Paris. The main feature of the gadgets is a great emphasis on the camera. Smartphone P30 Pro – Huawei’s first phone that boasts 4 cameras and 10x zoom without loss of quality.

Scout Pro: A Fully Featured Mountain E-Bike

E-bikes are today’s trend being explored by more and more manufacturers. The championship title within this group of transportation means deservedly belongs to Scout Pro capable of hitting 72 km/h off-road.

The first unmanned plywood drone created

Metal or plastic are usually selected as aircraft material. But drone production is not cheap, so sometimes engineers find rather extravagant solutions.

The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air

Lazareth, a French motorcycle brand, has recently posted a video featuring the flight of the Moto Volante model presented last year. With this, the company has dispelled the skeptics’ assumption that the bike is not destined to fly.

Robot interpreters enable communication between fish and bees

EPFL is a project focused on creating devices to control animals. Several years ago, the team created an artificial fish that its real peers mistook for one of their own, even choosing it as the leader of their school. The group’s most recent development is a system for controlling bees.

Robotic particles that work only in a team

Researchers from MIT, Harvard, Cornell and Columbia Universities have created "robotic particles" that are useless on their own, but are capable of many things when they are put together – in this they resemble a bee swarm.

Rift S: the new VR headset from Oculus

At a recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Oculus presented a new device, a VR headset called Rift S. It can be purchased for $399, which is much more expensive than the previous VR headset released by Oculus. What will you get for this price?\n
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