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Squirrels can help with developing combat robots

Squirrels can help with developing combat robots

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley are using squirrels as a prototype for a new robot.
Hackers create a spying USB cable

Hackers create a spying USB cable

The wire has a built-in microcomputer, which reads the typed messages. The hacker later receives them via a radio module.
South Korea lifts a law that affects gamers

South Korea lifts a law that affects gamers

Previously, the country had a law prohibiting children under 16 from playing video games from 12 PM to 6 AM.

The Su-75 is one of the best fighter jets in the world

Experts believe that the aircraft can compete with the American F-35.

The world's first-ever 3D-printed bridge is constructed in the Netherlands

Queen Maxima was at the bridge's opening ceremony. The bridge connects the city canal banks in Amsterdam.

Scientists have created an energy-storing patch that can be charged by a person's fingertip

A scientific team from the University of California, San Diego, has invented an energy-storing patch.

China has learned how to knot ice

Zhejiang University has created "flexible microfibre ice," which is a new form of the well-known substance.

The University of Birmingham has found a new way to improve crime detection

They have achieved this by using new computer software developed to create virtual images of suspects.

Hyperloop Transport Technologies has announced the logistics system of the future

The HyperPort will allow freight containers to travel hundreds of kilometres in minutes.

The top ten gadgets and technology inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic

We have collected the ten of the best and most interesting and unusual technologies and devices for you, the creators of which had tried to ease the harsh “quarantine” of everyday life, defeat Coronavirus, or help the world to clean up its consequences.

A 10-storey house has been built in China, taking only 28 hours and 45 minutes to complete

This new approach implemented by the construction company Broad Group means houses can be built at a faster pace.

Google is to create an immersive video chatting system

The experimental system called Project Starline will try to make the whole experience of video chatting as similar to live communication as possible.

Spot the robot has successfully taken part in an army exercise

Spot successfully handled a reconnaissance mission during an army exercise.

The US Army will spend 22 billion dollars on AR headsets

Microsoft was awarded the contract for the supply of high-tech products.

A new device to harvest sunlight has been developed in Singapore

Designed at the Nanyang University of Technology, the device is efficient and straightforward.