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Sony is to produce drones

Sony is to produce drones

Sony's subsidiary Airpeak will provide video content production services.
Lenovo’s AR smart glasses can project an image onto five virtual screens 

Lenovo’s AR smart glasses can project an image onto five virtual screens 

The ThinkReality A3 augmented reality glasses were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. 
The University of Pennsylvania develops a robot constructed from ice

The University of Pennsylvania develops a robot constructed from ice

The robot is designed to function in harsh climatic conditions.

Volkswagen introduces autonomous charging for electric cars

The press service of Volkswagen Group Components has unveiled the robot prototype for charging electric cars.

The world's first automatic transmission for an electric bike has been developed

Using electric bikes will become even more comfortable. Previously, when riding a bike, you had to change the gears, but now the Smart e-Bike System can do it for you.

Singing Jaws: Love Hulten develops a very unusual musical instrument

Love Hulten has created a synthesizer. The keyboard has twenty-five keys which are connected to individual sets of plastic teeth.

NFC for your phone: what it is and how to use it.

The development of mobile technologies is always looking to develop more understandable and user-friendly interfaces.

The first  three-story 3D-printed house is under construction in Germany

The structure is going to include five apartments located in a 4400sq.m building and the entire project will be carried out by Peri and Michael Rupp Bauunternehmung.

DrawBo the wall-mounted robot teaches your child how to draw

The robot draws on any vertical surface, whether it's a magnetic board or a sheet of paper.

BMW is going to release its very own electric scooter

The company has confirmed that the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 scooter will be released in just a few months.

Arcimoto prototypes Roadster, three-wheeled electric road trike

The American company Arcimoto are renowned for its series of closed-type electric motorbikes. Now the manufacturer has just unveiled a new open-top version known as the Roadster.

Apple launches first MacBooks based on its own M1 ARM processor

They are going to be the first MacBooks to have an Apple processor. Previously, the company has been using Intel solutions.

Stefan Klein shares his very first flight with the AirCar

The famous designer and founder of the company Klein Vision has released a video of his maiden flight with his new creation, the AirCar.

3Doodler releases an updated 3D printing pen

The company has decided to diversify its model range by developing a significant upgrade to its device.

The first serial flying car has earned the right to drive within the European Union

The PAL-V Liberty vehicle has obtained the necessary certification, earning the right to travel on European roads.
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