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Boston Dynamics reveals a new and improved Spot robot

Boston Dynamics reveals a new and improved Spot robot

Thanks to a completely new revamped interface, the famous robot dog has mastered even more useful skills.
There is a programme underway in Ohio to testing out smart grocery shopping trolleys

There is a programme underway in Ohio to testing out smart grocery shopping trolleys

The novelty will allow eliminating interaction between the seller and the buyer, which is especially important in a pandemic.
EZRaider introduce a cross-country ATV

EZRaider introduce a cross-country ATV

EZRaider-HD4 is a totally unique vehicle that is a cross between a Segway and an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It's designed to be used by special services and extreme sports enthusiasts.

A hydrogen-powered Carcopter is being developed for racing in France

The vehicle is currently being developed by MACA, a start-up company that has proposed to arrange a race of flying cars.

Nissan unveils the Caravan NV350 Office Pod on wheels

Due to the popularity of remote working, Nissan has introduced the "office that is always with you," and relocated the home office into the great outdoors, thanks to the Caravan Office Pod.

Altwork startup shows a table that lets you get horizontal at work

The $7,650 Signature Altwork Station table has been unveiled at CES 2021.

TCL is going to create a scroll-like tablet

The scroll-like tablet concept was introduced at CES 2021. The development had been given the working title of TCL CS0T.

Popular bloggers have succeeded in creating a flying hoverboard

We have already seen a similar invention in the movie "Back to the Future". However, in the real world, the hoverboard can only levitate over a sheet of steel.

Sony is to produce drones

Sony's subsidiary Airpeak will provide video content production services.

Lenovo’s AR smart glasses can project an image onto five virtual screens 

The ThinkReality A3 augmented reality glasses were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. 

The University of Pennsylvania develops a robot constructed from ice

The robot is designed to function in harsh climatic conditions.

Volkswagen introduces autonomous charging for electric cars

The press service of Volkswagen Group Components has unveiled the robot prototype for charging electric cars.

The world's first automatic transmission for an electric bike has been developed

Using electric bikes will become even more comfortable. Previously, when riding a bike, you had to change the gears, but now the Smart e-Bike System can do it for you.

Singing Jaws: Love Hulten develops a very unusual musical instrument

Love Hulten has created a synthesizer. The keyboard has twenty-five keys which are connected to individual sets of plastic teeth.

NFC for your phone: what it is and how to use it.

The development of mobile technologies is always looking to develop more understandable and user-friendly interfaces.