Google hot air balloon provided 223 days of Internet connection

Google hot air balloon provided 223 days of Internet connection

The Loon hot air balloon started out as a small Google project, but with time it evolved into a separate company. It recently broke the record in providing continuous Internet connection. 
Digital Luggage Tags will speed up check-in at UK Airports

Digital Luggage Tags will speed up check-in at UK Airports

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) have approved British Airways proposed use of digital tags to track luggage.
Glasses of the future with autofocus are created

Glasses of the future with autofocus are created

Researchers from Stanford University have created a technology that will replace the traditional glasses. The system can automatically change the focus by following the user's eyes.

Put your child behind the wheel of a supercar

With each year, toys are becoming more interesting, with their creators taking even more creative liberty with their creation. This time, they have created a miniature version of the McLaren 720S supercar. 

Anti-printing: researchers create a new paper-cleaning system

Rutgers University researchers and their colleagues from Oregon State University have created a way to remove text from paper allowing it to be reused.

The inventor designs a drone firing device

The installation designed by Drew Pilcher is fully autonomous. It is a complete analogue of an anti-aircraft turret with computer vision, homing and automatic weapons preparation, but it is for fun rather than serious combat.  

The tiny flying robot powered by solar energy

The device is called RoboBee X-Wing; it is only 5cm long and has a 3.5cm wingspan.

Airbus is testing a plane with moving wings

The new aircraft will be called AlbatrossOne. As the name suggests, the engineers were inspired by albatross famous for its ability to fly long distances without flapping its wings.

Scientists create robotic fish that uses blood to move

One small catch - the blood isn’t real. A liquid electrolyte courses through the robot’s veins, serving as a source of energy.

New transportation energy efficiency record set in Sweden

Delsbo Electric is an annual contest in creating energy-efficient rail vehicles. This time, a new record was set by students from Dalarna University and Chalmers University of Technology.

Interface to Revolutionize Our Conception of a Smartphone Case

Snap Company and Columbia University scientists have presented a case to control your smartphone. Curiously, it is not connected to the device either through wired or wireless communication.

Youbionics builds drone with bionic arms

Autonomous aircraft are already extremely useful. A company called Youbionics has recently come up with a way to further increase their potential. They introduced a project called Drone for Handy, which includes the creation of aircraft with bionic arms.

A robot that gives ironic answers is created in Germany

Robots usually surprise us with their acrobatic abilities, but the skills of the Reeti device created by German engineers are of a different nature. Its strong point is irony.

DJI Releases Its First Ground-based Robot

Chinese brand DJI is famous throughout the world as a multicopter manufacturer. But the company has apparently decided to try hand in a new capacity and released its first ground-based robot.

Honda Mean Mower V2 Reclaims Its Title as the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower

Honda Mean Mower V2 already held the record for fastest speed which was later on taken away from it by another device. This time it has come back to the pedestal by accelerating to incredible 243 km/h. At the moment, the device has the best power to weight ratio.