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Acer Predator Thronos Air - a throne for the king of gaming 

Acer Predator Thronos Air - a throne for the king of gaming 

The device is a simplified version of the Thronos seat released by the company a year ago. The new version is devoid of automatic transmissions, enabling personalized adjustments of the seat for each player. 
LG G8X ThinQ: a smartphone with two (or even three) displays 

LG G8X ThinQ: a smartphone with two (or even three) displays 

The new device will serve as an excellent alternative to phones with flexible screens. The smartphone is called LG G8X ThinQ, and it was recently presented at the IFA 2019 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. 
BAE Systems introduces an AR military headset

BAE Systems introduces an AR military headset

The company has demonstrated the prototype of its augmented reality (AR) lightweight glasses for the military. Work on the device has been underway since 2017.

Chinese company Youcan Robot releases BW Space – a new underwater drone

The device’s distinguishing feature is an advanced camera with a 6-fold zoom. The drone is a logical continuation of the last year's model, designed for underwater photography.

A House in 12 Hours! A new SQ3D Printer 

There has been public testing of SQ3D building printer recently. As part of the test, S-Squared 3D Printers has managed to print a residential building in just 12 hours.

How to Turn a Broken TV into a Stylish Lamp?

British engineer Matthew Perks has found an unconventional application for an unserviceable display – the inventor has made a handy fluorescent lamp out of it.

Harley-Davidson Creates Line of Electric Bikes for Kids

To enjoy a motorbike ride, you need to come to age and get a driving license. However, the legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson knows how to surprise not only brutal bikers, but also their kids.

Snap releases Spectacles 3 

The new model comes with two integrated cameras that can capture film and photos in 3D. 

FORM: augmented reality goggles for swimmers 

The growing focus on health and wellbeing together with technological progress lead to increased demand for various sports gadgets. This goes beyond regular fitness bracelets, with a wide range of different gadgets for any level of activity appearing on the market.

New artificial sled dog created in China

In the North, dogs are often used for transportation. This situation might change with the arrival of Chinese quadruped robots. 

A full-sized flying saucer prototype created in Romania

This spring witnessed presentation of the ADIFO smaller-sized version – a cross between a jet aircraft, a quadcopter and a helicopter. The story has now got a long-awaited continuation.

LG to release a phone with three screens

The company’s official YouTube channel has aired a short and very curious video announcement featuring a new device - the smartphone with three displays.

Japanese scientists develop robotic tail that improves balance

The unusual invention was presented by a group of engineers from Keio University in Tokyo. The device significantly improves its wearer’s balance and agility.

The world's first beer machine created in the United States

But there is more to it than beer - the device can make almost any drink.

Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ officially presented

The new flagship models with 6.3” and 6.8” screens were officially unveiled at the Samsung presentation in New York.