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Scientists patent system to clean up space debris

Scientists patent system to clean up space debris

Scientists at Bauman Moscow State Technical University have developed a system made up of 16 satellites. They claim that this is the most rational solution to the problem of space debris.
Information security specialists discover virus that steals financial and military data

Information security specialists discover virus that steals financial and military data

The malware is based on the Ryuk cypher, but instead of demanding ransom, it simply steals files.
'Deepfake' instead of pixels on your face

'Deepfake' instead of pixels on your face

Norwegian developers have trained a neural network to swap real people's faces for anonymous computer-generated versions. This technology will help preserve the privacy of people in photos.

Audi concept car with drones instead of headlights

Audi unveils its innovation at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Square Enix shows rendering with incredibly realistic graphics

The demo video was created using path tracing, a new technology that helps to model natural light distribution. This enables developers to create much more advanced graphics.

Taycan is Porsche's first production electric car

The Porsche Taycan can travel up to 450 kilometres on a single charge and charges up to 80 percent in just 23 minutes.

The Maldives has the largest floating solar power plant in the world

Marine solar panels generate 40% of the electricity needed for Dido Finolhu Island.

Facebook will need your permission to activate facial recognition

The new rules will give users a chance to control their biometric data and even request their deletion.

USB 4 standard developed

The new standard will enable to transfer data with the speed up to 40 Gbit/s.

It will be possible to restore Windows 10 from the Cloud

Cloud backups will save disk space and make reinstallation much more convenient.

Volocopter 2X air taxi makes test flight in Helsinki Airport

During testing, all flights continued according to their regular schedule, which means that air taxis can be easily integrated into the existing airport infrastructure.

US Army will use laser weapon to shoot down missiles

The US armed forces have announced a contest to develop a laser defense system, with the winner receiving a government contract from the US Army.

Apple removes vulnerability that allowed hackers to steal iPhone passwords and photos during two years

Experts from Google Project Zero uncovered the iOS vulnerability. This team was responsible for uncovering information on Meltdown and Spectre in early 2018.

Aptera electric car will travel 1600 km without recharging

The fully assembled version of the vehicle will be equipped with a 100 kWh battery.

AI Algorithm Writes Texts as Well as Humans

BBC journalists tested the GPT-2 AI system and decided that it was too perfect and therefore dangerous.
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