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Pilots will see through planes

Pilots will see through planes

This will be achieved using the Striker II HMD helmet from British company BAE Systems. The device was initially built for military purposes.
Australia Starts Phase 2 of Busbot Programme 

Australia Starts Phase 2 of Busbot Programme 

The programme is intended for full-scale implementation of unmanned public transport. The honour to receive the know-how was awarded to Coffs Harbor in New South Wales.
Artificial Intelligence Becomes the New World Online Poker Champion 

Artificial Intelligence Becomes the New World Online Poker Champion 

The programme developed by Facebook experts and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University has become the absolute world champion after beating the world’s 12 best poker players.

Boston Dynamics. Company history

How the company became the most famous robot manufacturer without building a single commercial model, and what can be expected from Boston Dynamics in the future

Agent Smith is a threat to the security of your smartphone

The virus replaces WhatsApp and other popular services with harmful copies. 

It’s official: Google is listening to us

Company representatives have confessed that the Google Home smart speaker and Google Assistant service transmit users’ voice commands to company experts. 

Amazon wants to make their smart home more convenient to use

An interview with Nathan Smith, director of Smart Home UX at Amazon, who is leading a team of developers working on new smart home features for Alexa

German aircraft learn to land on their own

Similar technology has previously worked only for landings at large airports. Soon the autopilot will be used even on small airfields.

American Black Hornet drones sent to Afghanistan

The first batch of devices was sent to soldiers in the 3rd brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division. 

Exoskeleton – a dream that becomes a reality in the modern world

The majority of the achievements people have reached were driven by the human desire to be faster, higher and stronger.This is noticeable in daily life and different areas of culture like sports and technologies. People want to surpass themselves and others, and, of course, make their life easier.

Americans build laser that identifies people by their heartbeat 

The device was developed as part of the Jetson program created by the Ministry of Defence. The laser is meant to be used for special operations. 

Arby Restaurant Presents a “Carrot” Made out of Turkey Meat

The new dish was called "Marrot". Not only does it look and taste like a carrot, but it also has all the nutrients found in the vegetable.

Swedish scientists learn to use wood for printing

To achieve this, researchers from the Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg improved traditional ‘ink’ for 3D printers made out of wood fibres.

World War II era bomb explodes in Germany 

The accident occurred in Limburg, where there was a railroad junction and switchyard. The bomb exploded right in the middle of a barley field. It could have landed there as a part of an Allied bombing mission, however it did not explode and spent 75 years buried in the ground. 

Norway to scrap famous HNoMS frigate Helge Instag

Last year, the ship suffered a wreck and sank. The government initially intended to rebuild it, but eventually decided to scrap the ship.
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