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German scientists record the formation of atomic binding on video

German scientists record the formation of atomic binding on video

In order to do this, researches from the University of Ulm have used a transmission electron microscope, which can act as a camera.
NASA is to build moon houses from mushrooms

NASA is to build moon houses from mushrooms

This idea has been actively developed since 2018, when the corresponding project received funding under the Innovative Advanced Concepts program.
Scientists uncover the mystery behind an immortal tree

Scientists uncover the mystery behind an immortal tree

They studied the gingko tree, which shows minimal signs of aging, according to biologists. 

What does a 2600-year-old human brain look like?

An ancient skull with a preserved piece of brain was discovered in the UK in 2008. Since then, scientists have been trying to figure out how the tissue managed to last.

Princeton physicists have overcome the limitations of silicon quantum chips

During the experiment, scientists transmitted information between qubits, which were at a distance of about five millimeters from each other.

Stanford experts propose extension to definition of «human»

Legal experts believe that it would be helpful to introduce the term «substantially human». 

By 2030 Mankind Can Provide Itself with Renewable Energy by 80%

Full switch to clean energy will cost about $73 trillion.

Deepest point on land discovered in Antarctica

At this point, the land is 3.5 km below sea level.

Comet Borisov turns out to be smaller than predicted by astrophysicists

New data shows that the dimensions of 2I/Borisov are 15 times smaller than initially predicted. 

Scientists discover stellar black hole in the Milky Way 

Contemporary theory does not allow for the existence of black holes with this mass.

New Google quantum computer can be used for wormhole modeling 

Researchers will conduct an experiment to determine how information passes through a so-called ‘wormhole’ between two black holes.

Light pollution: a potential reason behind the global extinction of insects

This new factor is added to a list of other potential causes for the decline in insect populations - climate change, agriculture, and more.

Abundant Water Vapor Detected on Europe

The discovery indirectly proves that there is liquid water on Jupiter’s moon, which means that it is still a promising space object to search for extraterrestrial life.

Ribose found in meteorites

Complex sugars found in extraterrestrial bodies support the theory of external sources of organic matter, necessary for the birth of life millions of years ago.

Research — a new Apple application collects user health data for scientific research

Users will be able to choose which information to share. Apple representatives promise that only research groups will have access to user information.
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