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Scientists Reveal Impact of Cigarette Butts on the Environment

Scientists Reveal Impact of Cigarette Butts on the Environment

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University (UK) have identified the damage caused to the environment by such type of waste as cigarette butts.
15th century ship discovered in Baltic Sea

15th century ship discovered in Baltic Sea

The discovery was made by an underwater robot that had been surveying the seafloor for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will connect Russia and Germany.
The great big nothing: scientists create map of Local Void

The great big nothing: scientists create map of Local Void

The Universe resembles a web: most of it is empty, while matter is collected into small clusters, with large abysses separating them. 

ESA starts to develop "energy bricks"

If the undertaking is a success, the European Space Agency will get construction material capable to store solar energy.

Scientists create a permanent ferro liquid

The discovery has enormous potential in robotics, microelectronics and related fields.

Two traces of unknown ancestors were discovered in human DNA

As it turns out, Homo sapiens actively crossbreed not only with Neanderthal and Denisova hominins but also with other unknown to science proto-men. Their genes predominantly discovered among populations of South-East Asia.

Last month was the hottest June on record 

NASA experts report that the global average temperature was 0.93 Celsius degrees higher than the norm in June. So last month officially went down as the hottest June in history.

Giant jellyfish discovered in the United Kingdom

The enormous animal was discovered by TV presenter Lizzie Daly. This happened when the reporter was diving in Falmouth, England. 

Scientists Learn How Moons Are Formed

Not only have researchers built a theoretical model, but they were also able to watch a moon forming around exoplanet PDS 70c.

Pepper will grow on ISS

The next package sent to American astronauts will contain some chili pepper seeds. The first harvest will mature by November 2019. 

NASA will build first space wharf in history

The space agency has entered into a contract with US based company Made In Space. Together they will launch the Archinaut One spaceship, which will put together satellites right on the orbit. 

NASA shows more than 4 thousand exoplanets

The agency has released a video atlas including images of more than 4 thousand space objects. All of them were discovered by scientists from different countries, starting from fall 1991. 

Scientists discover bird leg with enormous middle toe

The remains are 98 million years old, according to paleontologists. The leg was discovered inside a piece of amber that had been purchased in Myanmar. 

Engineers create ‘smart glass’ with image recognition feature

Oddly enough, the glass panel does not have any electronic components or other mechanisms. 

Meet the Loudest Worm on Earth

The species is called Leocratides kimuraorum, and it can produce sounds at up to 157 decibels.
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