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5th International Forum Blockchain Life 2020 Takes Place in Moscow

5th International Forum Blockchain Life 2020 Takes Place in Moscow

Although all kinds of planned events keep getting cancelled and postponed all around the world, the Blockchain Life 2020 forum still took place this year. It was held for the fifth time, and this time it came to Moscow.
Spot robots have a new limb

Spot robots have a new limb

Next year, Boston Dynamics is planning to sell a batch of upgraded robots with an additional flexible, manipulator arm.
PayPal has given the green light to cryptocurrencies

PayPal has given the green light to cryptocurrencies

This breakthrough means that PayPal account holders will be able to make transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
Sony has released the holographic Spatial Reality Display

Sony has released the holographic Spatial Reality Display

The device was initially unveiled at CES 2020. The device was initially unveiled at CES 2020. The SR Display will be available to buy in November.
Xiaomi launches a new wireless charger

Xiaomi launches a new wireless charger

This 80-watt device charges your smartphone in only 19 minutes.

Japanese scientists have developed the Poimo inflatable scooter

Every model is created exclusively for the customer. To purchase an electric scooter, you will need to send your photo to the creators.

Kalea recycles food waste and turns it into compost

A team of German scientists have developed Kalea, a kitchen gadget capable of turning food waste into compost in just two days.

Cornell University has developed headphones that can read a person's facial expressions

The device is called a C-Face, and by recording muscle contractions, the headphones can transform facial expressions into emojis.

Apple reveals its new iPhone 12 range

Apple has showcased its new range of phones: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Virtuix is going to create a treadmill for virtual reality

The device is going to be known as Omni One, and it is ideal for both sports and computer games.

Hyundai develops a walking transformer car

In 2019, Hyundai introduced the concept of a walking car. This week it has been revealed that the project is going to be developed.

Ekto One boots help you fully immerse yourself in virtual reality

The device allows the user to move while remaining on the spot. 

Toyota are currently developing a robotic au pair

Toyota Robotics division is actively working to develop a new generation of "smart homes" with built-in robotic, au pair assistants.

Music startup Endel raises $5 million

The leading investor in the music project is American entrepreneur Kevin Rose.

Facebook introduces shared chat and calls for Instagram and Messenger

The upcoming update will allow Instagram and Messenger users to communicate without having to install an additional app.

Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media

ZeniMax Media is the owner of several game studios.  They own the Doom series, Quake, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls, as well as other popular franchises.

Facebook is again accused of spying

As the plaintiff states, Instagram collects confidential data about its users through unauthorized access to their devices.

Facebook launches interface for small and medium businesses

Facebook Business Suite enables entrepreneurs can interact more effectively with customers.

Framework Labs raises $ 8 million in investment

As part of a new round of seed funding, a subsidiary of Framework Ventures managed to raise $ 8 million.

Neuromarketing research for business: FasTest raised $130,000

An American startup founded by a Russian received a significant investment. What is this project about?

We are not going anywhere: TikTok's reaction to the possibility of being blocked in the USA

As you know, the popular service is facing a ban on its operations in the United States. In response, the company released an original merch.

“Mighty Buildings”- showing the way to the future of housing 

3D printing has been called a disruptive technology that can dramatically transform the housing market. The startup “Mighty Buildings” clearly demonstrates that these are not just empty words. 

Become a soccer player with augmented reality

Chelsea Football Club and IT company Chelsea Digital Ventures have created a VR app for teaching soccer. Now anyone can take professional training.

Xiaomi anniversary: ​​a completely transparent TV launched in China

The novelty is called Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition. Besides the see-through screen, the TV can boast a 55-inch panel.