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The Gram wallet already available in Telegram's alpha version for iOS

The Gram wallet already available in Telegram's alpha version for iOS

So far, users have had access to the basic functions of creating and deleting wallets and exchanging tokens. A full release is scheduled for the end of October 2019.
The Shapeshifter Transformer Robot to investigate Titan

The Shapeshifter Transformer Robot to investigate Titan

To explore the challenging terrain of distant planets, scientists will need a very reliable assistant and Shapeshifter robot, with its unusual design, will become one of them.
Flexible Batteries for Flexible Devices

Flexible Batteries for Flexible Devices

Flexible displays are the latest trend among modern manufacturers of electronics. But what is the point having a flexible screen if it is poorly compatible with standard electronic components? Conventional lithium-ion batteries do not bend, and therefore, it is high time to invent a new generation of batteries.
A new cancer treatment method is created

A new cancer treatment method is created

An international team of scientists has created a new cancer treatment method. The therapy’s main advantage is that it has practically no effect on the healthy cells, which means that more conditions can be treated.
Scientists Find a Method to Kill HIV

Scientists Find a Method to Kill HIV

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have found a way to kill “dormant” human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Can-Am Presents Ryker Rally Edition, a New Off-Road Tricycle

The new model is a logical continuation of the Spyder tricycle by the same manufacturer. “Rally Edition” added to the title refers to the vehicle’s functional component.

Spot the Robot Officially Goes on Sale

Spot robot dog is one of Boston Dynamics’s most famous creations. The manufacturer did not venture to put it on sale for the long time, but it has finally happened recently. To support the launch, the company published its presentation video and shared the machine’s characteristics.

Atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics Learns Amazing Acrobatic Tricks

The renowned engineering company has released a new video presenting the new capabilities of its Atlas robot. The robot’s movements are striking in their precision and coordination.

Mi MIX Alpha from Xiaomi - the most unusual smartphone in history

The gadget's "wrap-around" screen attracts the most attention: it takes up almost the gadget’s entire body. The device will go on sale this winter.

Heat-to-electricity conversion technology is created

The Ohio State University has developed a unique way to convert heat into electricity. And the energy source can be almost anything from car exhaust to heat produced by industrial plants.

HyFlyer - hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft

The UK is about to witness testing of the hydrogen-powered HyFlyer passenger aircraft developed by ZeroAvia and the British Cranfield University.

BolaWrap is a safe weapon to disarm criminals

Taser stun guns are considered to be non-lethal weapons, but they killed 49 people last year in the United States alone. In this regard, the police are carefully studying alternative ways of neutralizing criminals.

Scientists Create a Compact Device to Stimulate Hair Growth

Electrotrichogenesis is a traditional method of hair growth stimulation using an electric field. The main disadvantage of devices based on this principle is their large dimensions. Luckily, scientists were able to create a device that is small but effective.

US Air Force to Receive Flying Jeeps

The U.S. Air Force command has launched its Agility Prime project aimed to explore the possibility of creating flying cars for military needs.

Encompass to Make Your Teeth Snow-white in Seconds

The oral cavity accumulates an enormous amount of bacteria, therefore, teeth need proper care. Unfortunately, quite often we do not have time for it, but with an Encompass toothbrush you will not need more than 20 seconds.

Altered State of Consciousness in Virtual Reality: Try It Yourself

HiTecher’s staff is against drugs, but you do not need hallucinogens to have a psychedelic experience in the 21st century. Illicit drugs and shamanistic practices are being replaced by high technologies.

What will the world's first hotel for computer gamers look like?

Nipponbashi district in Osaka, Japan, will soon get a new crowd-drawer - an unusual Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace. What surprises will the unusual structure hold for its visitors? 

Moltex Energy to build a safe nuclear reactor

Recently, the British company raised more than $7.5 million in investments, which it intends to spend to create a unique stable salt reactor.

Morgan Stanley Experts Predict a Rise in SpaceX Value to $120 Bn

The company's prospects are primarily dependent on how successful the launch of its Starlink project will be. If SpaceX fails to implement it, its value may become by an order of magnitude less.

A Case of Hereditary Transmission of Autism Recorded

Two mutations in sperm donor’s genes have caused autism in at least 12 children.

MIT scientists develop environmentally friendly cement

The new method of producing cement will help to avoid carbon pollution, and all by-products will be fully reusable.

WhatsApp ‘Delete for everyone’ feature does not remove files from your iPhone

The client used for the iOS messenger deletes media files from the conversation, but they are not deleted from the recipient’s phone.

Japanese HAWK30 pseudo-satellite passes first tests

Engineers tested on-board system security and telecommunications connectivity.

Tesla patents next-generation battery

Company engineers claim that the battery will last for up to 1.6 million kilometers of travel.