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AI Algorithm Writes Texts as Well as Humans

AI Algorithm Writes Texts as Well as Humans

BBC journalists tested the GPT-2 AI system and decided that it was too perfect and therefore dangerous.
Which way the wind is blowing in the United States - and why it matters

Which way the wind is blowing in the United States - and why it matters

The wind energy industry may soon overtake coal and gas in terms of growth and profits
NASA commits to putting female astronaut on the Moon by 2024

NASA commits to putting female astronaut on the Moon by 2024

The agency is fighting for women’s rights in all space programs
Automatic space plane X-37B breaks record in orbital flight duration

Automatic space plane X-37B breaks record in orbital flight duration

The device created by American company Boeing has beat its own record by spending more than 718 days on orbit
Hong Kong protesters versus facial recognition technology

Hong Kong protesters versus facial recognition technology

A protest against government surveillance has escalated into a series of riots, resulting in the destruction of ‘smart’ CCTV camera poles

New Technology Takes Just a Few Seconds to Print Human Organs

The new method is not only faster than layer-by-layer bioprinting, but also enables more complex structures to be created with minimal damage to cells

DreamGlass Air – new augmented reality glasses from Dreamworld AR

Dreamworld AR has launched a new device on Kickstarter – AR glasses projecting a 200-inch virtual screen a few meters in front of a user’s eyes. The gadget integrates with any smartphones, tablet PCs, computers and even game consoles.

Japanese HR Invests in Blockchain Technology

Recruit Holdings is Japan's largest HR services company. Recently, the giant valued at $50 billion has heavily funded an American blockchain startup. What do HR and decentralized technologies have in common?

Chinese company Youcan Robot releases BW Space – a new underwater drone

The device’s distinguishing feature is an advanced camera with a 6-fold zoom. The drone is a logical continuation of the last year's model, designed for underwater photography.

Robot Dasha to Be Able to Perfectly Model Human-like Speech in 2025

Employees of Novosibirsk State University reported on their plans to improve the robotic interlocutor developed by them. To remind our readers, Dasha is the world’s first robot that can talk almost like a human.

NtechLab Learns to Identify People by Their Silhouettes

Russian startup NtechLab has developed a methodology to identify people by their silhouettes enabling their movements to be tracked down. The technology will be ready within 2 months, whereupon its testing will begin.

VoloCity presents the flying taxi final version  

The German company VoloCity is rightly considered one of the leaders in the "air taxi race". A short while ago, the company finally demonstrated an aircraft that will provide passenger air transport in megacities.

Butter without fat: how is that possible?

The product created by Cornell University researchers looks and tastes like conventional butter. The only difference is the absence of fat and calories.

Why would Elon Musk suggest bombing Mars?

The well-known businessman has recently floated another ambitious idea: in his opinion, humankind should transform the Red planet by dropping nuclear bombs to melt the ice caps there.

A House in 12 Hours! A new SQ3D Printer 

There has been public testing of SQ3D building printer recently. As part of the test, S-Squared 3D Printers has managed to print a residential building in just 12 hours.

How to Turn a Broken TV into a Stylish Lamp?

British engineer Matthew Perks has found an unconventional application for an unserviceable display – the inventor has made a handy fluorescent lamp out of it.

Plastic has learned to disguise itself as stone.

A new study conducted by the scientists from the University of Plymouth revealed that coastal stones contain unexpectedly large amounts of plastic.

Enjoy Cat Food Design Created by Cats Themselves

Norwegian designers from Good Type company have created a unique font based on cat tail movements. It will be used by Smalls, a company specializing in cat food.

Harley-Davidson Creates Line of Electric Bikes for Kids

To enjoy a motorbike ride, you need to come to age and get a driving license. However, the legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson knows how to surprise not only brutal bikers, but also their kids.

Scientists create a light exoskeleton for jogging

Scientists at Harvard University and the University of Nebraska have developed an ultra-lightweight skeleton. Despite its compact size, the exoskeleton is extremely efficient.

Android Done away with? Puffin OS Cloud Operating System 

The new OS has been developed by CloudMosa. The software is currently used on budget smartphones Nokia 1 and Redmi Go.

Lightning cable for true hackers

An unusual cable was presented at the DefCon cyber security conference: when connected to a device, it installs there special software that enables hacking.

Indian State of Maharashtra Getting Ready to Test Blockchain Technology 

Indian mass media have reported on the plans of the state government to use blockchain to improve the efficiency of entire economy sectors.

ROBOpilot turns any plane into a drone

The ROBOpilot system, a set of devices that can replace a human pilot, was tested in the USA a short while ago. Using it, the most ordinary aircraft can be converted into a drone.