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Huge goldfish are threatening Canada's ecosystem

Huge goldfish are threatening Canada's ecosystem

This news may sound like an April Fool joke. However, it is extremely serious because of biological invasions (the uncontrolled spread of animals or plants outside of their native habitat), often leading to the extinction of an entire species and the destruction of an ecosystem.
Scientists have discovered which neurons in the brain determine competitive success

Scientists have discovered which neurons in the brain determine competitive success

In an experiment conducted on mice at the Massachusetts General Hospital, scientists have discovered the neurons responsible for the powerful desire of biological creatures to compete and win in a competitive struggle.
The "Webb" telescope could find extra-terrestrial life

The "Webb" telescope could find extra-terrestrial life

The human map of the Universe reveals that there are more than five thousand exoplanets where life can or could hypothetically exist.
The brain can reduce memory within hours

The brain can reduce memory within hours

There are special neurons that are responsible for this. They mark the boundaries of events in the memory stream. Then these boundaries become a stronghold.
The smart bandage that administers medicine itself

The smart bandage that administers medicine itself

Scientists from the Swiss Empa center, led by the Chinese researchers Fei Pan and Qun Ren, have developed an innovative bandage material that controls the course of an infection and, if it worsens, can administer medication.

Psychologists from the UK have formed a portrait of a boring person

Very few people want to waste their time talking to boring people who seem to have nothing interesting about them. Although, who is a truly and categorically "boring person" that people will undoubtedly avoid communicating with?

A robot that is helping people deal with negative emotions

Scientists from the University of Tsukuba have developed a robot helping people deal with negative emotions after receiving unpleasant messages.

Fish can actually add and subtract

This was demonstrated by experiments with stingrays and cichlids.

Stonehenge was designed as a solar calendar

A professor studying this ancient civilization is certain that their calendar year was incredibly similar to our modern-day one.

The oldest of the ancient: the Webb telescope has discovered the oldest galaxy

In July 2022, the James Webb Telescope — the largest cosmic infrared observatory ever launched — sent its data to an international team of researchers at NASA.

A robot rat that can find people trapped under rubble

Many people are afraid of rats; however, they can be incredibly useful!

Supermassive black holes slow down the birth of new stars

Space is a real Pandora's box, holding a million mysteries that still baffle humanity. For more than twenty years, one of these mysteries has been how new stars form and why their births are so irregular.

The jacket for any occasion, including an apocalypse

British clothing brand Vollebak has released a jacket that the company says will help you survive anything, even an apocalypse.

China will print a hydroelectric power plant on a 3D printer

For a long time now, we have heard that a 3D printer is capable of miracles: it can be used to print toys, spare parts for equipment, decorative items, and even medical prostheses. However, there is still yet more to come!

Podcast listeners are less neurotic and more inquisitive

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia surveyed more than 300 people from 10 countries worldwide to examine how regularly listening to podcasts affects their lifestyle and character.

How VR games can help you cope with agoraphobia

Our editors have repeatedly written about how many opportunities are hidden in computer games, the scope of which stretches beyond recreational forms and even reaches as far as medicine.

A reusable paper made from plant pollen is invented

It is almost impossible to find a person who does not use a phone or computer today. However, many are still uneasy about recording their thoughts or drafting reports online.

Linguists explain the reason we need tautologies

It appears that tautology can indicate an object's continuous characteristics, allowing you to understand it better.

Spiny mice can self-heal a damaged spinal cord

Discovering a method for rapidly regenerating organs and tissues is a task that scientists worldwide have been struggling with over many years.

A new cell type with regenerative properties is discovered in the lungs

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have found a new kind of cell that develops in human bronchioles and plays a crucial role in the respiratory system.

Microplastics discovered in human blood

It is virtually impossible to imagine the current world without plastic. It is almost ubiquitous: plastic is used in food production, everyday items, and even clothing.

Quantum batteries enable electric cars to be charged in 3 minutes

EVs are not as popular as conventional cars because they have a long charge time and a low battery capacity. This means that a vehicle can usually travel only for 120 kilometers (75 miles).

Scientists find 100 cases of humans transmitting their virus to animals

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the theory that bats carry the coronavirus, many scientists have become interested in how disease arises and develops in the animal-human relationship.

A "Smart" exoskeleton will be able to move instead of a person

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters research center has created a new lightweight lower-body exoskeleton made of carbon fiber.